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Summary Of Area School Election Results from Sept. 13th


September 14th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

(updated with IKM-Manning results)

There will be a new face on the Atlantic Board of Education soon. During the school elections held Tuesday, newcomer Rod Hartwig won enough votes to replace incumbent Jon Martens. Hartwig received 376 to Martens’ 352, which placed him second in the highest number of votes received. He’ll be joined on the board by incumbents Phil Hascall, who received 478 votes, and Denny Davis, who garnered 377 votes. Another newcomer on the Atlantic Board of Education, is Josh McLaren, who received 457 votes and was unopposed to fill a vacancy. In addition, the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy issue passed in Atlantic by 414 Yes to 122 No votes. It’s renewal means the district can ask to levy as much as 85-cents per thousand dollar property tax valuation, if necessary. The “Peppel” will remain in effect for another 10-years, beginning January 1st, 2013.

Elsewhere, the Revenue Purpose Statement was renewed in the Griswold Community School District, by a vote of 137-to-9. The Revenue Purpose Statement was also approved by voters in the Adair-Casey School District, 123-to 16. And, a write-in candidate won a race featuring one other person on the ballot. In the Adair-Casey District 4 race, the published candidate Tim James was defeated by write-in Randy Carney, 85-to 49.

In Audubon County, write-in At-Large candidate Mark Nissen upset Arlen Wiedersteen for a seat on the Audubon Board of Education. Nissen garnered 195 votes to Wiedersteen’s 111. Candidates Christine Konkler and Douglas Olson received 213 and 216 votes each, respectively. In addition, a Revenue Purpose Statement for the Audubon School District passed by a vote of 212 to 29. Each of the candidates for the Exira School Board received voter approval. Terri Harris, Lisa Burmeister and Ryan Wilson were unopposed for At-Large seats on the board.

In Adams County, where there were no declared candidates for the Director Seats in Corning Districts 2 and 3, Scott Akin and Lori Harvey received the nomination through write-in votes. Akin received 119 votes, while Harvey garnered 133. Keny Haffner received 132 votes, and was unopposed to fill a vacancy on the board.

Voters in the IKM-Manning Community School District have elected Lynn Barry to fill the one open, At Large seat on the school board. Barry had 352 votes to challenger Larry Lesle’s 280. Barry also received 81 votes as a write-in candidate for the IKM-Manning District 2-A seat, but published candidate David Heller won the election with 401 votes. Scott Hodne was unopposed for the District 1-A Director’s seat, and there were only three write-ins.

Veteran Treynor school board member Jerry Hempel kept his seat following Tuesday’s vote. Hempel was among five candidates for the Treynor board. Treynor featured the only contested school board race in Pottawattamie County, other than the election in Council Bluffs. Newcomers Randy Young and Dave Paulsen will join Hempel on the board as At-Large members.

Woman suffers possible/unknown injuries following Tuesday collision


September 14th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Authorities in Montgomery County say one person was transported to the hospital for treatment of unknown, possible injuries, following a collision Tuesday afternoon south of Red Oak. The Sheriff’s Department says the crash happened just after 4:30-p.m., at the intersection of Highway 48 and 270th Street.

According to the Sheriff’s report, the collision occurred as a vehicle being driven by 56-year-old Rebecca S. Wright, of Red Oak, was traveling south and was in the process of turning left onto 270th street. At about the same time, a second southbound vehicle, driven by 73-year-old Louis M. Saner, of Shenandoah, attempted to pass.

Wright was transported to the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital by Red Oak Rescue. Saner, who was not injured, was issued a citation for passing at an intersection.

Red Oak burglary under investigation


September 14th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Authorities in Red Oak are investigating a vehicle burglary. According to Red Oak Police, the incident was reported early Tuesday afternoon. Officials say Joshua Craig

indicated someone broke into his vehicle which was parked in the vicinity of North Boundary Street, sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning. The man said an I-Pod, valued at $150, was missing, but there was no damage to his vehicle.

Anyone with information can call the Red Oak Police Department at 623-6500 or Montgomery County Crimestoppers at 800-432-1001.

Cass County School Board Election Results (unofficial)


September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

(I= incumbent)

Alantic Community School District - (vote for 3*)

At Large

(I) Phil Hascall – 478*

(I) Denny Davis – 366*

(I) Jon Martens – 352

Rodney Hartwig – 376*

Director At-Large (to fill a vacancy)

Josh McLaren – 457

Physical Plant & Equipment Levy: Yes 414  No 122

CAM School District

North District/Julie Williamson – 78

South District/Todd Mckee – 79

Griswold School District

District 2/Scott Peterson – 27

District 6/Douglas Lembke – 19

District 4/Scott Hansen – 16

District 7/Clarion Campbell – 25

Revenue Purpose Statement Yes 137  No 9

Adair County School Board Election Results (unofficial)


September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson


District 3

Dallas Dinkla 118 votes

District 4

(write-in) Randy Carney 85 votes

Tim James 49 votes

Public Measure A – Revenue Purpose Statement

Yes 123 No 16

Nodaway Valley (elect 2)

Danelle Cooney 67 votes

Amy DeVault 77 votes


District 2

Doug White 37

District 3

Eldon L. Ray 35

District 4

Randy Hensley 38

Guthrie County School Board Election Results (unofficial)


September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Coon Rapids/Bayard

District 1

Brad Schlepp 74 votes

Scattered 6

District 2

Jill Anthofer 75 votes

Scattered 3

District 3

Steve Detlinger 79 votes

Scattered 1

District 5

Mike Oswald 74 votes

Scattered 4

Guthrie Center Community School District (vote for 3)

Tim Benson 73 votes

Keith Butler 72 votes

Wanda Knobbe 77 votes

Scattered 7

Public Measure B Yes 63 No 17

Panorama Community School District (vote for 1)

District 3

Tom Arganbright (I) 28

Jim Nelson 24

District 5

Bryice A. Wilke 21

Scattered 3

Adams County School Board election results (unofficial)


September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Votes will be canvassed Friday, Sept. 16th with official results to follow

Corning Community School District

District 2

Write-in Scott Akin 119 votes

District 3

Write-in Lori Harvey 133 votes

District 4 (to fill a vacancy)

Keny Haffner 132 votes

Southwestern Community College

Fred Shearer 148 votes

Prescott Community School District

Director At Large (vote for 2)

Don Gee 23 votes

Steven Wainwright 22 votes

Director At Large (to fill a vacancy)

Marnie Cline 8 votes

Zachary Brandt 1 vote

Montgomery County School Board (Unofficial) Election Results


September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Red Oak Community School District – Director At Large (vote for 2)

Lee Fellers                               84 votes

William Drey                          71 votes

Write-in/Christie Welter       26 votes

Write-in Scattering               3

Stanton Community School District – Director At Large (vote for 2)

Paul Vanderholm                 43 votes

Jeff Magneson                         45 votes

Write-in                                      3    

Southwestern Community College District 2

Fred Shearer                             38

Write-in                                      2

Villisca Community School District – Director At Large (vote for 3)

Jason R. Poston                         83

Tom A. Williams                      83

John L. Baker                            72

Write-in                                      5

Southwestern Community College District 2

Fred Shearer                            63

Potential killing freeze to affect Iowa crops

Ag/Outdoor, News

September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Weather and crop experts are expressing cautious optimism that Iowa’s corn, soybean and hay crops won’t be greatly affected by the frost predicted for north-central and northwest Iowa Thursday morning. The U-S-D-A estimates about one-third of Iowa’s corn crop is fully mature and most areas need another 10-days to reach that level. That’s why Iowa State University corn specialist Roger Elmore doesn’t believe freezing temperatures will greatly affect yields. “What that’ll do is shut the plant down and it will result in some reduction in yield, maybe at the most three to five percent,” Elmore said. “That yield reduction is coming from those kernels being shortchanged the last few days…so it’ll be a reduction in kernel weight.” Iowa State University Climatologist Elwyn Taylor says cloudiness in the approaching cold air could mitigate the frost damage.

“If it’s a perfectly clear sky, then we will get at least (a partial) killing freeze,” Taylor said. “That means, maybe not whole fields, but spots when we go through Wednesday night. We don’t expect it to stay around long. It would just be that one night with the killing freeze, which is basically 28-degrees for corn and soybeans.” I-S-U forage specialist Steve Barnhart says grasses respond well to cool temperatures, so the badly-needed late fall hay crop should be fine.

“A standing alfalfa crop and grass hay crops will tolerate a light frost and really won’t stop their growth for the remainder of the season,” Barnhart said. “It takes a 23 or 24 degree overnight freeze to really stop the hay crop.” The National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Watch for late Wednesday night through Thursday morning over north-central and northwest Iowa.

(Radio Iowa)

Cass County Memorial Hospital Announced Blood Draw Procedure Changes


September 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Due to the current remodeling taking place in the Atlantic Medical Center, there will be a change in the procedure for patients having blood draws done for laboratory (lab) tests.  Currently, there is a blood draw station in Atlantic Medical Center as well as the Cass County Memorial Hospital main lab, and patients utilize both.  Officials say effective September 19, 2011, all patients coming for a blood draw separate from a doctor’s appointment will have their blood drawn in the main hospital lab.

This includes patients with standing orders for chronic diseases, those who are having a blood draw that requires fasting, or those with a lab order from a non-AMC physician.  Only patients who are having blood drawn while they are at an appointment with an AMC  healthcare provider will have it done at the medical center draw station.

If you are unsure about where to go, call the CCMH lab at 712-243-3250.