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MLB star Darryl Strawberry to headline religious event at Field of Dreams


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) – A major league baseball star who’s now a pastor is the headliner for a faith-based event at the Field of Dreams movie site this weekend. Darryl Strawberry, a power hitter for the New York Mets and New York Yankees, played on four teams that won the World Series, but he was suspended three times during his playing career for substance abuse. Mike DeJong, organizer of this Saturday’s “Revival at The Field” in Dyersville, says Strawberry is a born again Christian with a powerful message.

“In his past, he had addictions, he had many other things that he dealt with, but quite a life change,” DeJong says. “Quite a story of hope and change.” Strawberry lives in the St. Louis area and released a book last year titled “Turn Your Season Around: How God Transforms Your Life.” DeJong met Strawberry a decade ago, while DeJong was on his honeymoon.

“Watching his life today is just incredible, what he’s went through, so developed a friendship with him and have done some ministry with him over the years,” DeJong says. “Just a wonderful guy to share a message of hope.” DeJong, who lives in Sioux Center, is an area representative of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The revival event he’s organized at the Field of Dreams this Saturday is to start at 1 p.m. and ends after sunset. Each vehicle at the site will be charged a 20 dollar parking fee, but DeJong says there are no other fees for participants.

Charges pending in Cass County Injury accident


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Atlantic, Iowa) – The Cass County Sheriff’s Office reports charges and citations are currently pending in connection with an injury accident that occurred at around 5:06-p.m. on April 30th. The accident happened near the intersection of North Olive Street and Boston Road.

Officials say a 2001 Ford Explorer being operated by Timothy Asmus, of Audubon, was southbound on Olive Street when the SUV crossed over the center line. An oncoming 2017 Chevrolet Silverado being operated by Gary Hogberg, of Exira, was traveling northbound and was forced to veer off the roadway to avoid a collision. The Silverado continued through the ditch, an adjacent fence and came to rest in a farm field.

The Explorer also continued through the ditch, paralleled the fence line for a distance but eventually drove through the fence as well. The Asmus attempted to continue through the field but his SUV became stuck or disabled. Asmus left the scene of the accident but was later identified by law enforcement officers investigating the case.

Hogberg was transported for medical attention and care. The Silverado sustained an estimated $3,000 worth of damage, the Explorer sustained and estimated $1,000 worth of damage and the fence line sustained an approximated $1,000 worth of damage as well.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office: 6 arrests from April 26 to May 16


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Atlantic, Iowa) – The Cass County Sheriff’s Office today (Thursday) released a report on arrests stemming from April 26th through May 16th.

On May 16th: 33-year-old Steven Behlers, of Atlantic, was arrested on a Cass County Warrant for Theft in the 3rd Degree. Behlers was transported to the Cass County Jail where he was booked and held.

On May 10th, 37-year-old Aaron McCutcheon, of Harlan, was arrested on a Cass County Warrant for Domestic Abuse Assault 1st. McCutcheon was transported to the Cass County Jail where he was booked and held pending his later release on his own recognizance.

On the 7th, Cass County Deputies arrested 53-year-old Rene Valdivia, of Carroll, for Violation of a No Contact Order and Trespass 1st Offense. Valdivia was transported to the Cass County Jail where he was booked and held pending his later release on bond.

And, on May 2nd, 50-year-old Hadjii Covington, of Omaha, NE, was arrested in Cass County for OWI 2nd Offense. Covington was transported to the Cass County Jail where he was booked and held until his later release on bond.

On April 29th, Deputies arrested 36-year-old Jacqueline Griffith, of Exira, on a Cass County Warrant for Violation of Compulsory Education. Griffith was transported to the Cass County Jail where she was booked and held until her later release on her own recognizance.

On April 26th, 28-year-old Zachary Wood, of Anita, was arrested on a Cass County Warrant for Child Endangerment. Wood was transported to the Cass County Jail where he was booked and held until his later release on bond.

All criminal charges are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in the court of law.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office warns of SCAM phone call


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Atlantic, Iowa) – The Cass County Sheriff’s Office today (Thursday), said that yesterday (Wed., May 18th), they made aware of a SCAM phone call involving the name of “Officer Marc Freeman”.  This scam call involving “Officer Marc Freeman” also involved an alleged Agent from Washington DC.  The scammers are informing potential victims that their financial accounts are being / have been frozen and that the account owners need to purchase and load money onto gift cards.

After this purchase, these scammers will then later request the information contained within said gift cards.  During this scam, it appears that the Cass County Sheriff’s Office phone number was also “spoofed”, as one of the phone numbers used in this scam was noted as the Sheriff’s Office phone number of 712-243-2206. 

Please be aware that this phone call is a SCAM and is not coming from “Officer Marc Freeman” OR any Federal Agent(s).  Furthermore, this office encourages people to NOT give personal information and/or financial information out over the phone.  If you receive a phone call from our office line of 712-243-2206 but you feel that it might be part of a scam, please feel free to disconnect from that call and call the same number back.

Your return call will be connected to our office phone line or the Cass County Communications Center and will not return back to the potential scammer(s).  If you have any questions regarding this scam or others like it, please contact our office at 712-243-2206 or your local law enforcement agency, respectively.

Congresswoman Hinson says FDA needs a plan for baby formula


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) – Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Marion, says the baby formula shortage in the U-S is due to a lack of foresight and action by the Democrat administration. “Back in February Abbott’s Sturgis Michigan facility closed down following a voluntary recall of baby formula. The Biden administration’s F-D-A should have developed a plan to prevent shortages then — but they sat on their hands for months,” Hinson says. The baby formula is regulated by the F-D-A and Hinson says that’s important to keep it safe, but they need to be able to react to these types of situations.

“We still haven’t seen a plan from the F-D-A in my mind there is no excuse for this incompetence,” Hinson says. “Last week I called for the F-D-A to provide a clear timeline for getting formula back on the shelves as well as a plan to prevent future shortages. This cannot happen again,” she says. Hinson says a plan proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw money at the problem, but didn’t provide a long-term solution. Hinson says families looking for special formulas may find some relief soon.

“Abbott is releasing certain types of metabolic formulas that were previously on hold. If that applies, parents should be calling Abbott the 800 number is 1-800-881-0876. And they can call that number for assistance and start the process in getting some of that formula as quickly as possible,” according to Hinson. The president announced that he is invoking the Defense Production Act to try and help speed up the restocking of the formula.

“We’ve been in direct conversations with Abbott, and before the President’s announcement yesterday we had already received word from them that they are working to not only get that plant operational but that we should be in a place where shelves are backstopped within four to eight weeks,” Hinson says. She says the president’s action does not go to the root of the problem in creating a plan for the F-D-A to deal with the situation. Hinson made her comments during her weekly conference call with reporters.

Online information available for Lake Anita Water Quality Improvement Plan

Ag/Outdoor, News

May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

Anita, Iowa – Iowans interested in the results of a DNR study to improve water quality in Lake Anita in Cass County can view a presentation on the Iowa DNR’s YouTube channel. Lake Anita is on the state’s list of impaired waters for high levels of algae. The current study, or DNR water quality improvement plan, shows how these problems are caused by too much phosphorus in the lake. The problems impact recreation on the lake and aquatic life.

The plan explores the amounts and sources of phosphorus entering the lake and offers potential solutions to reduce those levels and work toward fixing the problem. The document is designed as a guide for local resource agencies, partners, stakeholders and residents to improve the lake.

The presentation is available now at youtube.com/iowadnr through June 20. The full document can be downloaded on the Iowa DNR’s website at the following: http://www.iowadnr.gov/Environment/WaterQuality/WatershedImprovement/WatershedResearchData/WaterImprovementPlans/PublicMeetingsPlans.aspx.

Mills County Sheriff’s report for 5/19/22


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Glenwood, Iowa) – The Mills County Sheriff’s Office reports two drug and burglary-related arrests took place Tuesday morning. 48-year-old Jack Gregory Milledge, of Carter Lake, and 49-year-old Lawrence Anthony Cipolla, of Council Bluffs, were each arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance, 3rd Degree Attempted Burglary, Possession of Burglary Tools, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Their bonds were set at $9,300 and $6,300 respectively.

Early Wednesday morning, 19-year-old Hassan Saleh Mohamed, of Omaha, was arrested in Mills County for Eluding, Interference with Official Acts, Reckless Driving and Theft in the 5th. Bond was set at $6,000. And, 20-year-old Nuak Kauier Pal, of Omaha, was arrested for Interference with Official Acts ($300 bond). Thursday morning (May 19), Seth David Travis, of Omaha, was arrested at the Pottawattamie County Jail on a Mills County warrant for Failure to Appear on a Theft in the 5th Degree charge ($300 bond).

Cass Co. Treasurer named President of Iowa State/County Treasurers Assoc.


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Moravia, Iowa) – Cass County (IA) Treasurer Tracey J Marshall reports she was last week in Moravia, she was sworn-in as President of the Iowa State County Treasurers Association, an affiliate of (ISAC) Iowa State Association of Counties. During the event, Treasurers from across the State were updated on Iowa legislation with the (DOT) Department of Transportation, (DOR) Department of Revenue, (IADA) Iowa Dealers Association, and the (ISCTA) Iowa State County Treasurers Association. Marshall says “There are many entities who partner with the county treasurer’s office so there is ongoing training needed. At this meeting classes were held on legislation updates to tax sales, cash and investments, and requirements for the Department of Revenue.”

Marshall, who is running for re-election, says she has been involved in improving the services of her office since 2003, when she was first elected as the Cass County Treasurer. Her campaign says “She believes in being active to increase her knowledge so she can improve the functions of her office. She continues her education by continuing the ISCTA Certified Treasurers Program which is designed to provide educational training to improve and enhance management skills, knowledge, and professionalism of all ISCTA through a structured series of courses thus enabling Iowa county treasurers to fulfill their elected duties and to better serve their community.”

Cass County Treasurer Tracey J. Marshall is sworn-in by Kris Rowley, past President of the association, last week. (Photo courtesy TJM)

She began her leadership role early on, by serving on several district, state, and national committees. Marshall was elected as District IV President in 2016, and provided training for the treasurer’s offices with-in her district. In 2018, she was elected president of the National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Financial Officers, and overseen training for treasurers on the national level. She said she is now “Proud to represent Cass County as the Iowa State County Treasurers Association President.”

Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s report for 5/19/22


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Council Bluffs, Iowa) – The Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office, today (Thursday), said two inmates at the Pott. County Jail were served with warrants, Wednesday, and one person turned themselves-in. Authorities say 31-year-old inmate Dyllan Roger McClelland, of Council Bluffs, was presented with a warrant charging him with a pre-trial release violation on his original charges of Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree, and Willful Injury resulting in bodily injury. He remains held in the jail on a $503 bond.

And, 29-year-old Pott. County Jail inmate Jess Willard Pfarr, of Council Bluffs, was presented with a warrant for Theft in the 2nd Degree. His bond on that and other charges, was set at $1,300. The Sheriff’s Office said 63-year-old David Kendall Owens turned himself-in on a warrant for Distribution to a person under age 18; Distribution of a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance to a person under 18; and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Owens was transported to the Pottawattamie County Jail, and later posted bond.

Shelby County Board of Supervisor’s News


May 19th, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Harlan, Iowa) – The Shelby County Board of Supervisors held their regular weekly meeting Tuesday, May 17th, in the Harlan City Hall Council Chambers.  During the session a Public Hearing was held for the 2022 Budget Amendment. Having received no written or spoken comments from the public, the Board approved the amendment, as proposed.  There will be no increase in taxes. The budget was amended to include revenue from bond proceeds, as well as ARPA proceeds and expenditures and Secondary Roads Department spending.

Auditor Mark Maxwell, in his meeting minutes, said Lonnie Maguire, Director of Community Services, was on hand to tell the Board about the transition of her department from Shelby County Employees to Pottawattamie County Employees. Local property tax funding has been eliminated and the State of Iowa will now reimburse Pottawattamie County for the Southwest Iowa Mental Health costs. Services have not changed and the employees will keep the same offices in Shelby County, with rent being paid to Shelby County for the occupation. A lease was presented and approved by the Supervisors, minor wording changes were proposed by County Attorney Marcus Gross. The Supervisors then approved the changes and permit the Chairperson to sign the document once the changes are made.

A department report was given by Carolyn Blum , Shelby County Treasurer, Blum explained the many activities and changes that have been taking place in her office. And, the Supervisors unanimously approved a yearly Weed Destruction Resolution, which states ‘Each owner and each person in possession or control of any lands in Shelby County, shall cut, burn or otherwise destroy all noxious weeds thereon, as defined in the chapter, at such time in each year and in such manner as shall prevent such weeds from blooming or coming to maturity, and shall keep said lands free from such growth as shall render the streets or highways adjoining said lands unsafe for public travel. Noxious weeds shall be cut or otherwise destroyed as published in the official newspapers of Shelby County.” And, “If owners or persons in possession or control of any lands in Shelby County fail to comply with the foregoing orders, the weed commissioner shall cause this to be done and the expenses of said work including cost of serving notice and other costs, if any, to be assessed against real estate.

American Recovery Act funding was considered during the Shelby County Supervisor’s meeting. Grant applications discussed at the last Supervisors meeting were then presented to be acted upon by the Shelby County Board of Supervisors. The following grants and amounts were presented for consideration.

Defiance water tower-Regional backup for water supply–$43,000

Shelby County Trails-Engineering—————————-$50,000

Shelby County Conservation-Playground Equipment——$20,000

Kountry Kids Care-Child care expansion——————–$100,000

Harlan Airport-Service improvements————————$20,000

Shelby County Golf Water Conservation———————$27,500

Petersen Family Wellness-Upgrades————————–$52,500

Shelby County Fair-Tourism Improvements—————–$20,000

Environmental Health Well Plugging————————-$15,397

Mark Maxwell says “This will exhaust all funds available from Shelby County through the ARPA program.”  The dollars will be spent in accordance with ARPA spending guidelines.