KJAN Birthday Club

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating on this day!  Make sure you register your family and friends for the “HyVee Birthday Club” which airs at 9:20 am Monday through Friday.  We pick a winner each day to receive a 5″ personal birthday cake from your Atlantic HyVee.  Here is a list of recent winners and others whose birthdays were submitted.

May 2016

Birthday Club

April 29th, 2016 by Stacie Linfor

May 1st:

  • Bill Paulsen of Exira (Winner)

May 2nd:

  • Evelyn Sager of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jason Ploen of Minden

May 3rd:

  • Linda Hemminger of Adair (Winner)

May 4th:

  • Sharon Jensen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Graham Howell

May 5th:

  • Christie Hocamp of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jeana Freund of Atlantic
  • Donna Phillips of Anita
  • Camilla Lawshe
  • Pat Becker

May 6th:

  • Phyllis Ferguson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Chandra Knight of Atlantic
  • Jan Mason of Atlantic
  • Lori Johnson
  • Tara Peterson

May 7th:

  • Caroyln Brockman of Marne (Winner)
  • Violet Knight of Atlantic
  • Jim Phillips of Anita

May 8th:

  • Penny Lafoy of Audubon (Winner)
  • Norman Knight of Atlantic
  • Nancy Ward

May 9th:

  • Donna Karwal of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Joe Nelsen of Anita
  • Christie Wallace of Griswold
  • Phyllis Miller of Audubon

May 10th:

  • Leroy Maas of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Tricia Brosam of Atlantic
  • Cara Bauer of Atlantic

May 11th:

  • Hunter Swagel of Atlantic HyVee
  • Rob Tarrell of Atlantic HyVee

May 12th:

  • Ben Dodsen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jack Knight of Atlantic
  • Penny Akers of Exira
  • Emma Klocke of Exira
  • Carrie Jensen of Exira
  • Jeff Gipple of Atlantic
  • Hunter Bagshaw of Cumberland

May 13th:

  • Leiah Thomas of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Bill Crees of Casey
  • Mike Hoffman of Exira
  • Jeff Klever

May 14th:

  • Pauline Knudsen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jeanne Schwab of Audubon

May 15th:

  • Crystal Bense of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Kylee Hardy

May 16th:

  • Gerard O’ Rourke of Atlantic (Winner)

May 17th:

  • Kelly Templeton of Atlantic (Winner)

May 18th:

  • Marilyn Hilyard of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Betty Harmon of Atlantic

May 19th:

  • Melissa Dodson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Steve Andersen of Atlantic
  • Jane Schlater of Exira
  • Gage Lauritsen of Exira

May 20th:

  • Mary Pat Greving of Exira (Winner)
  • Connor Stacy of Avoca
  • Delores Doonan of Exira
  • Mona Powers of Exira
  • Delores Norby of Elk Horn
  • Jacque Wickey of Atlantic

May 21st:

  • Maddie Zellmer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Ellie Schultes of Exira
  • Brian Richter of Atlantic
  • Diane Bladt of Exira
  • Cecil Denney Sr. of Anita

May 22nd:

  • Phyllis Carsen of Audubon (Winner)
  • Jill Brown of Missouri

May 23rd:

  • James Laughlin of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jo Ellen Arn of Atlantic
  • Helen Gregerson of Atlantic

May 24th:

  • Rae Ome Conn of Atlantic (Winner)
  •  Garold Harris of Wiota
  • Paul Schmidt of Harlan
  • Ron Petersen of Exira
  • Michael Eells
  • Larry Pederson

May 25th:

  • no birthdays

May 26th:

  • Debbie Schuler of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Donna Davidson

May 27th:

  • Betty Dreeds of Exira (Winner)
  • Mandy Parks of Atlantic

May 28th:

  • Emily Kennedy of Wiota (Winner)
  • Bev Olsen of Exira
  • Helen Hearhart of Atlantic

May 29th:

  • Lucy Newton of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Paul Brown of Atlantic


APRIL 2016

Birthday Club

April 4th, 2016 by Stacie Linfor

April 1st:

  • Ruth Weitzel of Atlantic (Winner)

April 2nd:

  • no birthdays

April 3rd:

  • no birthdays

April 4th:

  • Miley Kelly of Griswold (Winner)
  • Dorothy Peters of Marne
  • Ryan Harry of Griswold
  • Ed Hamilton of Atlantic

April 5th:

  • Bobbie McNees of Atlantic (Winner)

April 6th:

  • Lois Sonntag of Atlantic (Winner)

April 7th:

  • April Cameron of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sally Matthies of Walnut

April 8th:

  • Kristin Templeman of Wiota (Winner)

April 9th:

  • Randy “Moss” Lafoy of Audubon (Winner)

April 10th:

  • Lindsey Thomas of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Danny Skow of Atlantic
  • Jolene Nelsen of Anita
  • Diana Peterson of Atlantic

April 11th:

  • Lee Grandquist of Marne (Winner)

April 12th:

  • no birthdays

April 13th:

  • Norma Garside of Exira (Winner)
  • Hannah Holtz of Atlantic
  • Warren Bowman of Audubon

April 14th:

  • Margaret Sonntag of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Nancy Zellmer of Atlantic
  • Tammy Wyman of Atlantic

April 15th:

  • Cathy Downey of Atlantic (Winner)

April 16th:

  • Donna Zellmer of Atlantic (Winner)

April 17th:

  • Brianna Atkins of Atlantic (Winner)

April 18th:

  • Sara Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • April Beymer of Atlantic
  • Debbie Leistad of Atlantic

April 19th:

  • Kevin Myers of Anita (Winner)
  • Caroyln Dix of Atlantic
  • Cindy Ponser of Atlantic
  • Debbie Weitzel of Atlantic

April 20th:

  • Dan Knight of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Ruth Christensen of Atlantic

April 21st:

  • Lyn Lambertson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mary Jo Blunk of Atlantic

April 22nd:

  • Brynn Lamp of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Dawn Marnin of Anita
  • Judi Zimmerland of Adair
  • Todd Lawshe of Audubon
  • Bruce Nelson of Kimballton

April 23rd:

  • Elaine Rasmussen of Exira (Winner)

April 24th:

  • April McAfee of Anita (Winner)
  • Donna Willoughby of Atlantic

April 25th:

  • Carolyn Landon of Exira (Winner)
  • Brittany Knudsen of Atlantic
  • Dave Erickson of Exira
  • Madaline Paulsen of Exira

April 26th:

  • no birthdays

April 27th:

  • Connie Sorenson of Exira (Winner)
  • Jessie Esbeck of Atlantic
  • Brenda Roenfeld of Atlantic
  • Kay Wohlenhaus of Atlantic

April 28th:

  • Mariah Stockwell of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Sherry Kramer of Atlantic
  • Karen Dittmer of Shelby
  • Sarah Becker of Atlantic

April 29th:

  • John Roenfeld of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mitch Munch of Exira
  • Vera Dennis of Exira

April 30th:

  • Laverne Schmidt of Exira (Winner)

MARCH 2016

Birthday Club

March 3rd, 2016 by Stacie Linfor

March 1st:

  • Sherri Lebeck of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Phyllis Anderson of Atlantic

March 2nd:

  • no birthdays

March 3rd:

  • Sally Will of Atlantic (Winner)

March 4th:

  • Judy & Jerry Overton of Atlantic (Winners)
  • Wyatt Sheeder of Villisca
  • Bob Sorensen of Exira

March 5th:

  • Sharon Witt of Atlantic (Winner)

March 6th:

  • Connie Nevins of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sheila Johnson of Atlantic

March 7th:

  • Janice Brown of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Madison Neighbors of Lewis

March 8th:

  • Mary Ellen Yarger of Massena (Winner)

March 9th:

  • Nedra Perry of Atlantic (Winner)

March 10th:

  • no birthdays

March 11th:

  • Ethel Christensen of Brayton (Winner)
  • Harold Roccholz of Casey

March 12th:

  • Hillary Zellmer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Becky Mosier of Atlantic

March 13th:

  • Julia McNeese of Atlantic (Winner)

March 14th:

  • Eric Vogl of Anita (Winner)
  • Arline Gans of Irwin

March 15th:

  • Susan Jensen of Audubon (Winner)
  • Betty Winston of Atlantic

March 16th:

  • Lawrence Eilts of Cumberland (Winner)

March 17th:

  • Mary Hoegh of Atlantic (Winner)

March 18th:

  • Rose Pangburn of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Kay Rudolph of Audubon

March 19th:

  • Jaden Feibelkorn of Exira (Winner)
  • Ike Harry of Atlantic

March 20th:

  • Kael Cameron of Atlantic (Winner)

March 21st:

  • Lynda Martens of Anita (Winner)
  • Lyle Hartmann of Cumberland

March 22nd:

  • Joann Hansen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Katie Kelly of Griswold
  • Judy Leed of Anita
  • Becky Dreager of Atlantic

March 23rd:

  • no birthdays

March 24th:

  • Karen Guyer of Hancock (Winner)

March 25th:

  • no birthdays

March 26th:

  • no birthdays

March 27th:

  • no birthdays

March 28th:

  • Emily Jobe of Lewis (Winner)
  • Karen Blum of Harlan
  • Don Patchin of Adair
  • Adella Vogl of Adair

March 29th:

  • Nathan Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Ciera Nichols of Atlantic

March 30th:

  • Mary Lee Jensen of Exira (Winner)
  • Shirley Warne of Atlantic
  • Diane Martens of Atlantic
  • Crystal Christensen of Atlantic

March 31st:

  • Cecil Denney Jr. of Anita (Winner)


Birthday Club

February 1st, 2016 by Stacie Linfor

February 1st:

  • Kent Schmit of Atlantic (Winner)

February 2nd:

  • Jettie Gaines of Atlantic (Winner)

February 3rd:

  • Mardell Sorensen of Exira (Winner)
  • Ed Nelson of Exira
  • Lola Hodge of Atlantic

February 4th:

  • Hal Stevenson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Hannah Madsen of Harlan

February 5th:

  • Mardelle Maley of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Duane Nielsen of Exira
  • Janie Braun of Exira
  • Bill Auerbach of Atlantic

February 6th:

  • Brenda Brown of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Amelia Teegerstrom of Elk Horn
  • Pati Deist of Audubon

February 7th:

  • no birthdays

February 8th:

  • John Schultes of Exira (Winner)
  • Ruth Harrison of Anita
  • Kayla Mendenhall of Atlantic
  • John Yokimishyn

February 9th:

  • Diane Eilts of Massena (Winner)
  • Ruby Wortman of Anita
  • Marilyn Freund of Atlantic
  • Betty Knight of Atlantic

February 10th:

  • Patty Williams of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Robert Simpson of Exira
  • Suzie Simpson of Exira
  • Steve Forsyth of Griswold

February 11th:

  • Dorothy Bates of Atlantic (Winner)

February 12th:

  • Hazel Bengard of Exira (Winner)
  • Helen Wendt of Atlantic
  • Jon Hays of Hamlin

February 13th:

  • Bill Stockwell Jr of Elk Horn (Elk Horn)

February 14th:

  • Corky Brown of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Judy Madden of Atlantic
  • Sully McClain of Audubon

February 15th:

  • Sarah Christensen of Audubon (Winner)
  • Marilyn Nelson of Atlantic
  • Shirley Arn

February 16th:

  • Kathie Rose of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Betty Timmerman of Exira
  • Robert Keithley of Atlantic

February 17th:

  • Joyce Rocholz of Casey (Winner)
  • Leroy Phillips of Atlantic
  • Gary Johnson of Exira

February 18th:

  • Wilma Bowman of Audubon (Winner)

February 19th:

  • Kathy Butler of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mitch Burg of Atlantic
  • Rick Thompson of Exira
  • Dallas Munch of Exira
  • Sherri Wilkerson of Brayton
  • Judi Hansen of Exira
  • Helen Nielsen of Exira

February 20th:

  • Ileen Furne of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Lila Kelly of Harlan
  • Jerry Jensen of Hamlin

February 21st:

  • Fay Schroeder of Atlantic (Winner)

February 22nd:

  • Dan Olsen of Lewis
  • Jim Wolf of Exira
  • Jason Christensen of Audubon
  • Barbara Jean Funke of Fontanelle

February 23rd:

  • Adrian Hansen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Clare Christensen of Audubon

February 24th:

  • Avery Andersen of Atlantic (Winner)

February 25th:

  • Amy Hartvigsen of Audubon (Winner)

February 26th:

  • Kaylani Brown of Atlantic (Winner)

February 27th:

  • Jennifer King of Casey (Winner)
  • Mark Wedemeyer of Atlantic

February 28th:

  • Kathy Hueny of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Randy Fiebelkorn of Exira
  • Kristi Westphalen of Atlantic

February 29th:

  • no birthdays



Birthday Club

January 1st, 2016 by Chris Parks

January 1st

  • Shirley Jensen of Atlantic (Winner)

January 2nd

  • John Oehlertz of Avoca (Winner)

January 3rd

  • no birthdays

January 4th

  • Tyler Will of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Margene Hill of Atlantic
  • Tammy Keithley of Atlantic

January 5th:

  • Joyce Bower of Massena (Winner)

January 6th:

  • Bryan Clemsen of Brayton (Winner)
  • Cheryl Wahlert of Exira
  • Mary Ellen Knop of Atlantic
  • Todd Martens of Griswold
  • Mary Nelsen of Anita

January 7th:

  • Jenny Dolch of Wiota (Winner)

January 8th:

  • Vicki Schueman of Avoca (Winner)
  • Jenny Alexander
  • Eddie Jensen of Atlantic
  • Alan Zellmer of Atlantic
  • Peggy Toft of Exira
  • Deane Erickson of Exira
  • Brad Madsen of Kimballton

January 9th:

  • Ronald Petersen of Kimballton (Winner)

January 10th:

  • Sonya Clausen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Betty Benfeldt of Exira
  • Jeanine Christensen of Wiota
  • Terri-Cook Thielen of Atlantic
  • Merv Templeman of Atlantic

January 11th:

  • Emma McMillan of Griswold (Winner)

January 12th:

  • Saran Robinson of Atlantic (Winner)

January 13th:

  • Irene Baylor of Exira (Winner)
  • Evelyn Duskin of Atlantic
  • Gary Oppold of Atlantic
  • La Rue Wheelack

January 14th:

  • Becky Bonney of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Brade Riepe of Griswold
  • Pat Marshall
  • Sandi Rhoads of Atlantic

January 15th:

  • Kathy Hayes of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Tom Muhr of Exira
  • Bill Stockwell of Elk Horn
  • Carson Parks of Atlantic

January 16th:

  • Tristan Jensen of Lewis (Winner)
  • Paul Harry of Lewis
  • Tiffany Milarch of Atlantic
  • Kaley Miller of Atlantic

January 17th:

  • Nathan & Jakob Anderson of Exira (Winner)
  • Karla Eilts of Witoa
  • Doug Parker of Elk Horn

January 18th:

  • Peggy Mendenhall of Audubon (Winner)
  • Carol Finken of Atlantic

January 19th:

  • Larry Madden of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mary Hull of Corning

January 20th:

  • Kathy Nelson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mary Loe of Atlantic

January 21st:

  • Jan Lauritsen of Audubon (Winner)
  • Melissa Pope of Harlan
  • Janet Maynard
  • Melissa Nantz

January 22nd:

  • Ben Ketchum of Casey (Winner)

January 23rd:

  • Evan Riesgaard (Winner)

January 24th:

  • Lorinda Patchin of Adair (Winner)
  • Becky Riesgaard of Brayton

January 25th:

  • Beverly Henningsen of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Mary Ann Wulf of Exira
  • Gavin Anthofer of Exira
  • Jodie Knudsen of Atlantic
  • Dan Huey of Atlantic
  • Zeliana Rasmussen of Harlan

January 26th:

  • Dani Harry of Lewis (Winner)
  • Ben Riesgaard
  • Sue Schwanke of Atlantic

January 27th:

  • Emily Maynard of Anita (Winner)

January 28th:

  • Michael Buskirk of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Lucille Nelson of Exira
  • Bud Lindeman of Atlantic
  • Liz Toft of Atlantic

January 29th:

  • no birthdays

January 30th:

  • Vera Nielsen of Exira (Winner)

January 31st:

  • Dawn Brown of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Lydia Madsen of Harlan
  • Albert Smith of Atlantic
  • Jane Mathisen of Atlantic
  • David Wallace of Griswold



Birthday Club

December 1st, 2015 by Stacie Linfor

December 1st:

  • Thatcher Hilyard of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Jeffery Schwenke of Anita
  • Brenda Vanatta

December 2nd:

  • Leon Vogl of Anita (Winner)
  • Sandi Lauritsen of Audubon
  • Tami Madsen of Kimballton
  • Margeret Taylor of Cumberland
  • Michelle Gifford of Atlantic
  • Janet Nielsen of Atlantic

December 3rd:

  • Logan & Collin Evans of Griswold (Winner)
  • Ashley Mosier of Atlantic

December 4th:

  • Roger Hansen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Marie Ketchum of Casey
  • Denzel Edwards of Anita
  • Clayton Van Eernam of Exira

December 5th:

  • Judy Anderson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Robert Sampson of Atlantic

December 6th:

  • Pam Auerbach of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Bessie Huffman

December 7th:

  • Jan Sorensen of Exira (Winner)

December 8th:

  • Kaylee Jensen of Exira (Winner)
  • Mary Lou Hoskins of Anita

December 9th:

  • Marge Haley of Exira (Winner)
  • Wyatt Linfor of Atlantic
  • Carolyn Hartmann of Cumberland

December 10th:

  • Madison Pope of Harlan (Winner)

December 11th:

  • Mary Christensen of Audubon (Winner)
  • Lorene Vorm of Atlantic

December 12th:

  • Beulah Ostrus of Wiota (Winner)
  • Alene Meyer of Atlantic

December 13th:

  • Melanie Hart of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Maxine Hagen of Atlantic

December 14th:

  • Beck Benton of Exira (Winner)

December 15th:

  • Brooke Lamp of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Shirley Winston of Atlantic
  • Phil Marshall of Atlantic

December 16th:

  • no birthdays

December 17th:

  • Camryn Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Sharon Mathias of Atlantic
  • Russ McNees of Atlantic
  • Tracie Christensen of Audubon
  • Lyle Perkins of Atlantic

December 18th:

  • Jessie Hilyard of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Ross Eilts of Massena
  • Julie McVay of Audubon
  • Clifford Fries of Anita
  • Mike Linfor of Atlantic
  • Erika Klever of Atlantic

December 19th:

  • Marilyn Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Shane Eilts of Cumberland

December 20th:

  • Ellie Rutherford of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Carol Hemmingsen of Marne
  • Deb Schuler of Atlantic

December 21st:

  • Brenda Zellmer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jeanette Crees of Casey

December 22nd:

  • Lauren Arnold of Minden (Winner)

December 23rd:

  • Nancy Nolte of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Maggie Martens of Atlantic
  • Brian Jensen of Hamlin
  • Allan Hjelle of Elk Horn

December 24th:

  • Martha Kramer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jessica Olsen
  • Devin Mortensen of Kimballton
  • Ashley Van Aernam of Exira
  • Sharon Kline

December 25th:

  • Tish Mendenhall of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Collette Black-Muhr of Exira
  • Emmert Paulsen of Exira
  • Jean Hinners of Exira

December 26th:

  • Lexy Welter of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Tim Planck of Atlantic
  • Gerry Kommes of Exira

December 27th:

  • no birthdays

December 28th:

  • Francis Nelson of Atlantic (Winner)

December 29th:

  • Judy Rathman of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Joan Lauritsen of Hamlin
  • Mary Zellmer of Atlantic

December 30th:

  • Becky Thompson of Exira (Winner)
  • Colleen Riesgaard of Exira
  • Helen Rossell of Atlantic
  • Julie Schmelling of Casey
  • Marilyn Stein of Lewis

December 31st:

  • Doris Jensen of Atlatnic (Winner)
  • Joan Weirich of Atlantic
  • Crista Wiskus of Atlantic


Birthday Club

November 3rd, 2015 by Stacie Linfor

November 1st:

  • no birthdays

November 2nd:

  • Jane Schwartz of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Parker King of Casey
  • Aaron Siggins of Atlantic
  • Howard Henriksen of Harlan

November 3rd:

  • Robert Jensen of Brayton (Winner)
  • Jan Bramer of Atlantic
  • Mark Markham of Atlantic
  • Donna Brahms of Griswold
  • Mike Brahms of Griswold
  • Karen Oppold of Atlantic

November 4th:

  • no birthdays

November 5th:

  • Olivia Davis of Lewis (Winner)
  • Ryan Evans of Griswold
  • Evelyn Asberry of Exira

November 6th:

  • Chole Davis of Lewis (Winner)
  • Elgene Sander of Atlantic

November 7th:

  • Sydnee Young of Exira (Winner)
  • Joyce Jorgensen of Exira

November 8th:

  • Mikayla Knudsen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Estele Wittrock of Manning

November 9th:

  • Scarlett Toft of Audubon (Winner)
  • Tom Benton of Exira
  • Zack Petersen of Exira
  • Pat Sunberg of Hamlin

November 10th:

  • Duane Hilyard of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Karen Underwood of Lyman

November 11th:

  • John Lee Jamison of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Cathy Stockwell of Elk Horn

November 12th:

  • Rosemary Mally of Atlantic (Winne)
  • A.J. Barber
  • Marilyn Miller of Atlantic
  • Shari Clemsen of Brayton

November 13th:

  • Tedd Thomas of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Kate Wittrock of Manning

November 14th:

  • Marilyn Krohn of Marne (Winner)
  • Becky Akers of Exira

November 15th:

  • Rhonda Hawkins of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Robert Schmidt of Harlan
  • Joretta Wendt of Wiota

November 16th:

  • Mary Ann Christensen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Karen Vogl of Anita
  • Roberta Roddy of Audubon
  • Laurie Jensen of Cumberland

November 17th:

  • Madonna Riesgaard of Exira (Winner)

November 18th:

  • Jayce Fiebelkorn of Exira (Winner)
  • Jerry “Woo” Wahlert of Exira
  • Ferne Curry of Exira
  • LaDona Clark of Atlantic
  • Sue Hoeck of Atlantic
  • Grace Martens of Atlantic
  • Norman Paulsen of Anita
  • Peggy Manhart of Neola
  • Kelly Knight of Atlantic

November 19th:

  • Jessie Evans of Griswold (Winner)
  • Evelyn Rechtenbach of Atalntic
  • Martha Hatfield of Atlantic
  • Jody Steffen of Griswold

November 20th:

  • Jan Huegerich of Exira (Winner)
  • Seth Christensen of Atlantic

November 21st:

  • Ryan Brown of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Gladys McCrory of Atlantic
  • Marian Froker of Exira

November 22nd:

  • Cooper Lamp of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Joane Meyer of Atlantic
  • LaVonne Littlefield of Exira

November 23rd:

  • Drew Barber (Winner)
  • Amber Knudsen
  • Angela Moertl of Marne

November 24th:

  • Duane Brown of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Judy Roberts of Exira
  • Garry Martens of Anita

November 25th:

  • Zachary Bagshaw of Massena (Winner)
  • Abigail Olsen

November 26th:

  • Dawn Templemen of Wiota (Winner)
  • Ron Beymer of Hamlin

November 27th:

  • Kristi Brock of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Maury Sutton of Audubon
  • Angie Madsen of Harlan

November 28th:

  • Richard Jespersen of Atlantic (Winner)

November 29th:

  • Sadie Wesack of Adair (Winner)

November 30th:

  • Robert Robinson of Exira (Winner)
  • Cheryle Knight of Audubon
  • Wayne Kirchhoff of Atlantic


Birthday Club

October 1st, 2015 by Stacie Linfor

October 1st:

  • Brent Paulsen of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Ann McCurdy of Atlantic
  • Preston Jepsen

October 2nd:

  • LaVern Martens of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Viola Sander of Elk Horn
  • Betty Marcellus of Atlantic

October 3rd:

  • Jolene Roecker of Atlantic (Winner)

October 4th:

  • no birthdays

October 5th:

  • Jim Rogers of Wiota (Winner)
  • Terry Martens of Brayton
  • Billie Butler of Atlantic
  • Nevaeh Abild of Atlantic
  • Lana Tanner of Atlantic
  • Charlie Noland of Adair

October 6th:

  • Carly Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Tracy Paulsen of Atlantic

October 7th:

  • Brandon Lamp of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mary McLaren of Atlantic
  • Jean Petersen of Exira

October 8th:

  • Tori Lillard of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Michele Hackwell of Exira
  • Dane Paulsen of Exira
  • Mary Ann Moorman of Atlantic
  • Dottie Teig of Atlantic
  • Pam Jones of Red Oak
  • Sandy Fairbairn of Atlantic

October 9th:

  • Kris Ferry of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Connie Wiechmann of Lewis
  • Dee Bebensee of Atlantic

October 10th:

  • Andy Steffen of Griswold (Winner)
  • Teresa Lugman of Atlantic
  • Marlene Jensen of Atlantic

October 11th:

  • BJ Hart of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Alan Reimer of Atlantic
  • Cody Bock of Atlantic
  • Ruth Richter of Atlantic

October 12th:

  • Richard Hoffman of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Heather Conrad of Atlantic
  • Angela Logeman of Atlantic

October 13th:

  • Beau Buskirk of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mary Gittens of Atlantic
  • Dalton Logemann of Atlantic
  • Lisa Paulsen of Exira
  • Ron Ostrus of Wiota

October 14th:

  • Jill Turner of Griswold (Winner)
  • Tyler Thomas of Atalntic
  • Neal McMichael

October 15th:

  • Jan Brehmer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Holly Brenton of Atlantic
  • Brianna Brown of Atlantic
  • Mikala Smith of Atlantic

October 16th:

  • Beth Turner of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Calvin Knop
  • Ashley Maas of Atlantic
  • Lilly Barber
  • Galen Becker

October 17th:

  • Joaquin Wailes of Atlantic (Winner)

October 18th:

  • Oliver Becker of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Darla Casady of Atlantic
  • Ruth Steffen of Cumberland

October 19th:

  • Angela Immel of Exira (Winner)
  • Patty Maas of Atalntic
  • Lynn Mortensen of Kimballton
  • Jacob Fibelkorn of Exira
  • Janell Roberts of Exira

October 20th:

  • Christel Buskirk of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jackie Ring of Atlantic
  • Donnis Schwanke of Atlantic
  • Julia Nelson of Atlantic

October 21st:

  • no birthdays

October 22nd:

  • Rachel Larson of Atlantic (Winner)

October 23rd:

  • Pansie Hoffman of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Vicki Brown of Atlantic
  • Claude Wood of Atlantic

October 24th:

  • Doris Sothman of Lewis (Winner)
  • Stacey Bock of Atlantic
  • Judy Lauridsen of Exira

October 25th:

  • Pearl Mailander of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Darlene McConnell of Atlantic
  • Connie Steffen of Griswold

October 26th:

  • Morgan Godwin of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Amy Shafer of Atlantic
  • Lesli Welter of Atlantic

October 27th:

  • Larraine Howell of Walnut (Winner)
  • Joanne Greving of Elk Horn
  • Randy Thompson of Exira

October 28th:

  • Brian Nielsen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Beth O’Brien of Atlantic
  • Wayne DeBord of Atlantic

October 29th:

  • Brian Nielsen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Beth O’Brien of Atlantic
  • Wayne DeBord of Atlantic

October 30th:

  • Evan Kelly of Griswold (Winner)
  • Janice Fancher of Audubon

October 31st:

  • Kenny Struble of Exira (Winner)
  • Rod Christensen of Atlantic
  • Arla Clay of Atlantic
  • Oxford Zense of Atlantic

September 2015

Birthday Club

September 1st, 2015 by Stacie Linfor

September 1st:

  • Craig Eilts of Griswold (Winner)

September 2nd:

  • Bonnie Bruner of Atlantic (Winner)

September 3rd:

  • Ashley Hamilton of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Virginia Bornholdt of Exira
  • Brandon Toft of Audubon
  • Nancy Sand of Kimballton

September 4th:

  • Darlene Planck of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Denise Robinson of Exira
  • Sandra Marnia of Atlantic
  • Barb Humphrey of Atlantic

September 5th:

  • Sue Muri of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Catherine Schmidt of Audubon
  • Grace Christensen of Audubon
  • Sharon Ludington of Atlantic

September 6th:

  • Becca Zachairias of Anita (Winner)
  • Pam Curtis of Cumberland

September 7th:

  • Larry Phippen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Elaine Eden

September 8th:

  • Doris Evans of Elliott (Winner)
  • Rachel Johnson of Kimballton
  • Sue Hoegh
  • Carol Gary of Red Oak
  • Ina Ohnmeiss of Atlantic

September 9th:

  • Tammy DeBord of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Breanna Linfor of Atlantic
  • Lois Wolf of Exira
  • Marcene Arn of Atlantic
  • Marlene Clark of Atlantic

September 10th:

  • Sherrill Clausen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Pam Smith of Harlan
  • Marsha Prigge of Audubon

September 11th:

  • Amber Wilson of Exira (Winner)
  • Tyler Wilson of Exira
  • Janet King of Atlantic
  • LaVon Eblen of Atlantic
  • Jean Hall of Fontanelle
  • Mary Jean Krummel of Walnut

September 12th:

  • Holden Jensen of Lewis (Winner)
  • Diana Munch of Exira
  • Ranae Schlater of Exira

September 13th:

  • Clara Schmidt of Harlan (Winner)
  • Lanny Kite of Marne
  • Francis Brown of Atlantic
  • Bev Bennett of Atlantic
  • Audrey Nielsen of Lewis
  • Inga Henry of Audubon
  • Charlotte Smetana of Exira

September 14th:

  • Gina Benton of Exira (Winner)
  • Rhonda Harry of Atlantic

September 15th:

  • Jeanne Nelson of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Matt Immel of Exira
  • Brooke Fieblekorn of Exira

September 16th:

  • Marcella Gaines of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Shandy Schultes of Audubon

September 17th:

  • Wiatt Becker of Atlantic (Winner)

September 18th:

  • Dean Finken of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sally Fischer of Atlantic
  • Stacy Armstrong of Crescent

September 19th:

  • Kassidy Jensen of Exira (Winner)
  • Pam Parker of Elk Horn
  • Jack Planck of Atlantic
  • Zach Hart of Atlantic
  • Kayla Nielsen of Atlantic

September 20th:

  • Carol Schwarte of Atlantic (Winner)

September 21st:

  • Don Hilyard of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Jack Brahms of Griswold
  • Erma Lange of Atlantic
  • Denise Kilworth of Exira
  • Dr. Tim Nelson of Creston

September 22nd:

  • Betty Hickman of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Ken Hebard of Fontanelle

September 23rd:

  • John Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Rosie Hansen of Atlantic
  • Sheryl McCullough of Cumberland

September 24th:

  • Faye Nelsen of Anita (Winner)
  • Jackie Pross of Exira
  • Jane Houchins of Exira
  • Kari Hansen of Anita

September 25th:

  • Judy Bintner of Exira (Winner)
  • Chelsea Hardisty of Anita
  • Valonda Nelson of Exira
  • Maggie Wahlert of Exira
  • Karol Robertson of Audubon

September 26th:

  • Jean Boots of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Val Hatcher of Atlantic
  • Nick Knudsen of Atlantic

September 27th:

  • Marge Turner of Atlantic (Winner)

September 28th:

  • Annebel Lange of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jeff Munch of Exira
  • Don Greving of Exira
  • Shelley Petersen of Exira
  • Bailey Schildberg of Atlantic

September 29th:

  • Hannah Jessen of Exira (Winner)
  • Cindy Koll of Atlantic



Birthday Club

August 3rd, 2015 by Stacie Linfor

August 1st:

  • Peyton Madsen of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Roger Lyon of Atlantic

August 2nd:

  • Toby Thomas of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mayne Jorgensen of Exira
  • Judy McClure of Atlantic
  • Maxine Blunk of Atlantic

August 3rd:

  • Rachel Jensen of Brayton (Winner)

August 4th:

  • Kelsi Templeman of Wiota (Winer)
  • Linda Petersen of Exira
  • Chris Parks of Atlantic

August 5th:

  • Martin Nelson of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Mel of Mel’s Diner in Brayton
  • Karen Kitelinger of Elk Horn

August 6th:

  • Dwain Thompson of Exira (Winner)
  • Wendall Weideman of Atlantic
  • Roger Steffens of Atlantic

August 7th:

  • Linda Marek of Anita (Winner)
  • Phyllis Kay of Atlantic
  • Chuck Sorensen of Exira

August 8th:

  • no birthdays

August 9th:

  • Linda Eilts of Massena (Winner)
  • Ann Martin of Exira
  • Gloria Sutton of Audubon

August 10th:

  • Sharon Oles of Griswold (Winner)
  • Treva Pitka of Atlantic
  • Lois Nelson of Atlantic
  • Jason Beymer of Atlantic

August 11th:

  • no birthdays

August 12th:

  • Jaden Green of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Robert O’Neill of Avoca
  • Swede Johnson of Exira
  • Harold Faribairn of Atlantic

August 13th:

  • Herb Wahlert of Exira (Winner)
  • Dianna Williams of Atlantic

August 14th:

  • Linda Riesberg of Exira (Winner)

August 15th:

  • Irma Schaaf of Atlantic (Winner)
  • John Ehrman of Casey

August 16th:

  • Darcie Jorgensen of Exira (Winner)

August 17th:

  • Savannah Hays of Exira (Winner)
  • Margot Wolfe
  • Janice Peterson of Atlantic

August 18th:

  • Bobbie Davis of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Barbara Larsen of Exira
  • Colby Madsen of Kimballton
  • Pat Saltmarsh of Atlantic

August 19th:

  • no birthdays

August 20th:

  • Coby Gust of Audubon (Winner)
  • Sandra Schmelling
  • Dorothy Wolf

August 21st:

  • Juliann Daniels of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Erin Smouse of Exira
  • Ardella Petersen of Exira

August 22nd:

  • Todd Nielsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Margie Herbert of Atlantic
  • Jeannette Kees of Atlantic

August 23rd:

  • Lorrie Nichols of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Dennis Newman of Griswold

August 24th:

  • Mark Jespersen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Tyler Mosier of Atlantic
  • Barbara Jean Devall of Audubon
  • Sharon Foster of Griswold
  • Clair Paulsen of Exira
  • Doug Jensen of Audubon

August 25th:

  • Brandon Harry of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Brenda Swope of Atlantic
  • Karen McFadden of Urbandale

August 26th:

  • Janice Kinnison of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Julie Mortensen of Kimballton

August 27th:

  • Chance Lauritsen of Exira (Winner)

August 28th:

  • Juli Seemann of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Irene Rydl of Anita
  • Madonna Nisson of Atlantic

August 29th:

  • Melanie Larsen of Audubon (Winner)

August 30th:

  • Fern Lindvall of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Charlene Johnson of Atlantic
  • Sharon Yokimishyn