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DNR park manager and rescue crews locate deaf woman missing in state park

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June 11th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

MCGREGOR, Iowa — Officials with the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources report, that around 3:30-p.m. Saturday, June 6th, Iowa DNR Parks staff received a report of a deaf woman that was lost and possibly injured at Pikes Peak State Park. Several crews were dispatched to assist with the search efforts including the MarMac Police Department, MarMac Rescue, McGregor Hook & Ladder Company 1, Tri-State Ambulance Service, a DNR conservation officer, a Clayton County conservation officer, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department, and other DNR Parks Staff.

As crews searched the trails, they would stop to listen as dispatch had instructed the deaf woman to play music loudly on her phone to help anyone nearby locate her. DNR Park Manager Matt Tschirgi, as well as a Clayton County sheriff’s deputy and a Clayton County conservation officer hiked to a ravine, where the woman was believed to be. Manager Tschirgi located the woman deep in the ravine. The woman was able to communicate that her ankle was in pain so they provided her immediate medical attention and then used a stretcher to help her out of the 500-foot-high bluff until an ATV was able to access her.

The DNR says it is very thankful for the swift response of the dedicated staff, law enforcement and first responders that were able to locate and rescue the woman. They remind hikers to stay on the trails marked with signage, to never hike alone, and to always carry a cell phone or way of communication and water to stay hydrated.

Iowa State Fair is cancelled

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June 10th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Iowa State Fair, Wednesday (today), report the Fair will not be held this year. A statement on their social media page, read: “This year, we’re heartbroken to say we won’t be able to come together to celebrate the year’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement at the Iowa State Fair.

Right now, we’re all doing our part to stay safe. So while our grounds will remain quiet, nothing can shut down the spirit of the Iowa State Fair. Some of those traditions might have to be brought closer to home or we might have to make memories in new ways. And while this isn’t the Fair we were planning to have in 2020, we’ll ride this experience together.

Until next year, keep growing, showing, and doing your Blue Ribbon best. Because one thing we’ve learned is that it only gets better from here. Fairwell for now, and we’ll see you August 12-22, 2021. For more information, please visit our FAQ page at “

DNR urges caution, safety on Iowa waters and beaches


June 10th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is urging everyone on Iowa waterways or at public beaches to use caution and exercise all safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable time. Over a three day period between Saturday and Monday, Iowa DNR conservation officers responded to drownings across the state that resulted in five fatalities.* Initial reports are that many were not wearing life jackets at the time of the drownings. The DNR is reminding everyone to heed the safety tips below when recreating in Iowa. *The DNR assisted local agencies with these drownings. Any immediate details, including press releases on the incidents, were handled by local authorities.

Boating safety tips – Common safety tips while enjoying Iowa’s lakes and rivers:

  • Wear your life jacket, it floats, you don’t! Any children 12 and under must wear a lifejacket at all times on a vessel underway in Iowa.
  • Every boat or vessel must have a wearable life jacket for everyone on board; a USCG approved throw-able flotation device is also required on vessels 16’ or longer.
  • Alcohol and boating don’t mix. Wind, sun glare and heat can enhance the effects of alcohol, hindering the operator’s ability to make necessary decisions.
  • The same limit of .08 for operating a vehicle under the influence applies to boating.
  • Always have a designated operator that avoids consuming alcohol.
  • Make sure there is a charged fire extinguisher on board, as well as a horn/whistle.
  • Slow down and watch for other boaters or personal watercraft, have patience.
  • Avoid dams and other hazards on waterways.
  • Obey all posted warning signs and rules.
  • Drain plugs and other water draining devices must be removed and/or remain open during transport to avoid spreading of invasive species.

Swimming/beach safety tips
With many city pools closed for the summer, people are flocking to the public beaches across the state to keep cool, as well as on the lakes and rivers. DNR Parks staff remind visitors to keep their physical distance from others, not gather in groups of larger than 10 and obey all posted signage and rules. Alcohol is prohibited at some public beaches. Because the beaches are busier this summer, staff are encouraging visitors to utilize the non-peak times and days. For the busier beaches/parks, the non-peak days usually include Sundays through Thursdays, and Fridays before 5:00 pm. If you plan to go to the beaches on Saturdays, the non-peak hours are usually before noon.

Parks staff may temporarily close parking lots when they become full and limit the number of visitors at that point. The DNR recommends visitors go to another nearby park or beach that is not as heavily populated. Visitors are reminded to only park in designated parking spaces. All violators will be cited by staff.

The DNR Parks staff shares some common safety tips while swimming at the beaches:

  • Stay within the roped in area
  • Swim with a buddy
  • Obey posted signs and flags
  • Wear a life jacket or some kind of personal flotation device if needed
  • Use sunscreen and drink plenty of water as needed
  • Iowa’s public beaches do not have lifeguards on duty

Paddling safety tips
After staying at home for months, paddlers are enjoying the splash of the water, scenic views, and wildlife viewing from Iowa’s rivers, rapids and streams. Many new paddlers are getting out on the water for the first time this summer.

Stay safe each time you paddle with these simple safety tips.

  • Always wear your life jacket.
  • Kids 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times.
  • The vessel must have enough life jackets for all members on board.
  • Let others know where you will be paddling, including what access to what access, and when you are expected to return.
  • Avoid sandbar crowds and “rafting” up together. Tubers are reminded not to go in groups larger than 10 and don’t tie tubes to one another.
  • Always know your river conditions before you go paddling.
  • For the latest river conditions, visit this link:
    Check the Iowa DNR’s interactive paddler’s map at for updates on real-time hazards like downed trees and log jams, strainers and bridge construction. Pay attention to the dam warning signs and know where dams are located before you head out on the water.
    Find individual water trail maps, including access points, visit:

The DNR wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable time while enjoying Iowa’s natural resources.

Local 24-Hour Rainfall Totals at 7:00 am Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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June 10th, 2020 by Jim Field

  • KJAN, Atlantic  .58″
  • 7 miles NNE of Atlantic  .6″
  • 9 miles north of Atlantic  1.5″
  • Massena  1.08″
  • Anita  .97″
  • Avoca  1.1″
  • Oakland  1.33″
  • Audubon  .9″
  • Guthrie Center  .84″
  • Bridgewater  .9″
  • Villisca  1.6″
  • Corning  .9″
  • Manning  1.19″
  • Irwin  .98″
  • Missouri Valley  1.52″
  • Underwood  1.41″
  • Logan  1.61″
  • Red Oak  1.59″
  • Shenandoah  1.34″
  • Clarinda  1.07″
  • Creston  2.08″
  • Carroll  .65″

Cass County Extension Report 6-10-2020

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June 10th, 2020 by Jim Field

w/Kate Olson.


Corn planting done, beans almost there

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June 9th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) — Warm, dry weather helped with planting and crop growth this past week.  The U-S-D-A says the corn planting is virtually complete and 97 percent of the corn in the ground has already emerged. That’s more than two weeks ahead of last year and ten days ahead of the five-year average. Eighty-five percent of the corn is rated in good to excellent condition. The soybean crop is not too far behind — with just three percent left to be planted. That’s three weeks ahead of last year and 12 days ahead of average. The report says 87 percent of beans have emerged and 82 percent are in good to excellent condition.

Bill boosts penalties for trespassing at ‘food operation’ — including meat packing plants

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June 9th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) — The Iowa legislature has passed another bill that toughens penalties for those who trespass at a food operation, including livestock confinements and meat packing plants. Representative Jarad Klein, a Republican from Keota, says it’s a pretty simple concept. “It doesn’t mean you can’t go up and knock on somebody’s door that’s a farmer,” Klein says. “You just can’t go in their livestock building, for example, without permission.”

Republican Senator Ken Rozenboom of Oskaloosa says he was targeted by animal rights protesters who got inside a hog confinement he had leased to someone else and released photos and video the group said showed animal neglect. “The M.O. here is simply lies, deception and intimidation. That’s what they do,” Rosenboom says. “In my case, intimidation to the point of a number of death threats. That’s who we’re dealing with.”

The bill enhances the penalty for trespassing in or on a food operation to an aggravated misdemeanor. A second offense would be a class D felony. Senator Liz Mathis (MATH-iss), a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, says what happened to Rozenboom is wrong. “But let me put this in another perspective,” Mathis says. “We have current laws on the books that deal with trespasses…harassment and damage to your reputation,” Mathis says. “We have current laws that will protect you.”

Republican Representative Louie Zumbach of Coggon says current law isn’t protecting barns where livestock is bred and fed. “People are often on our farms without being invited and it needs to stop,” Zumbach says, “and this is the effort to do that.” Critics predict the bill — if the governor signs it into law — will be successfully challenged in court. The bill passed the House and Senate Friday. The enhanced penalties for trespassing in the bill would apply to plants where eggs, milk and fish are processed as well as meat packing plants.

Grow Another Row Cass County distribution info. available June 15th

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June 8th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

Officials with “Grow Another Row Cass County,” report specific places, days and times for distribution of produce in each town in the County will be available, beginning June 15. The project is designed to hare extra harvested produce with hungry families.

If tomatoes are on your growing list, think about fertilizing them three to four weeks after transplanting, but use discretion. Experts warn though, over-fertilization promotes excessive leafy growth and may inhibit fruit development. It’s not too late to plant tomatoes and it’s the perfect time to plant green beans.

Record sales for Iowa fishing licenses announced during free fishing weekend

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June 5th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) — Plenty of Iowans are hooked on fishing during the pandemic as a record of nearly 200-thousand fishing licenses have been sold statewide this spring, which is up 30- to 40-percent from a year ago. Joe Larscheid, Fisheries Chief of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says this is a free fishing weekend, today (Friday) through Sunday.

“Any Iowa resident can fish for free,” Larscheid says. “There’s bluegills and crappies close to shore. The fishing’s excellent. It’s a great chance if you haven’t got your license yet to get out with friends and family and enjoy Iowa’s natural resources.” The popularity of some outdoor activities is booming with so many people working from home due to COVID-19 concerns.

Larscheid says to use common sense and keep a good six feet of distance between yourselves and others while fishing. “We have a lot of lakes in Iowa, a lot of ponds and rivers, there’s lots of places to spread out,” Larscheid says. “If there’s a bunch of people along one part of a shore, just find a part of the shore where you can practice social distancing and just get out and have fun. We’ve got plenty of room for everybody.”

Sales of fishing licenses in Iowa have been the best this spring since 2002, the year they became available electronically. “We have record license sales in March, April and May,” Larscheid says. “A lot of people are out there fishing. It’s like opening day every day. People are staying home, they’re staying closer to home. Being outside, it’s easier to practice social distancing and have fun with your family and friends.” Iowa fishing licenses are available in several types, including yearly, seven-day, or even just 24-hour licenses.

Find a list of stocked lakes and ponds that are easily accessible in parks and along trails on the DNR’s interactive Iowa Community Fisheries Atlas at

Annual Mosquito spraying to begin June 11 in Atlantic

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June 5th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

The City of Atlantic’s annual battle against mosquitoes begins next week. City crews will be out with the fogger to spray from 4-until 7-a.m. every Thursday and Friday, beginning June 11th and 12th.  The spraying will take place weather permitting, throughout the summer, until further notice.

A common mosquito