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Summary of some area election results (updated 10:43-a.m. w/corrected Cumberland results)


November 9th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

There were some surprises, some expected results, some delays, and even some corrections in the results of Tuesday’s General Election, in the listening area. Here in Atlantic, a glitch in a machine at the Cass County Auditor’s Office caused a delay in getting the results of the Cass County District Two Board of Supervisor’s race out to the media. When they finally came in at around 10:25-p.m., they indicated Gaylord Schelling had won the election, with 170 votes. Don Lappe came in second, with 150. The three other candidates each had under 100 votes. The results can be seen on our webpage, at kjan.com, under the “News” tab.

Elsewhere in the county….
In Anita: Tim Miller, a write-in candidate, defeated other write-ins to become Mayor, and Jeff Bohnsack along with Thomas Harris, were elected to the city council. In Cumberland: Nancy Virginia Coughlin was elected Mayor, with 32 votes (The Cass County Auditor’s Office had an incorrect number of votes in their report last night). Sandra Armstrong, and Sandy Eversole, a write-in, where elected to the Cumberland City Council.

It was a very close race for Mayor in the City of Griswold, where write-in candidate Lee Wyman, garnered one vote more than Victoria Jones to get the job, 115-to 114. Elected to the Griswold City Council Tuesday, was Lisa Cook, Larry Mundorf and Ryan Askeland. And a Public Measure on the ballot calling for the establishment of Capital Improvements Reserve Fund to deal with future flood mitigation efforts, passed by a vote of 127-to 103.
In Lewis, incumbent Don Cohrs won re-election unopposed, while newcomers Bethany Nichols and Ryan Archibald, along with incumbent Duane Scott Anderson, were elected to the city council. In Marne, incumbent Randall Baxter was re-elected Mayor over two write-in candidates. Incumbent City Council persons Angela Redler, Dennis Preister and Lanny Kite were re-elected, along with newcomers Alan Cranston and Randy Henningsen. In Massena, Donald McCunn was elected as Mayor, with incumbent councilperson Linda Reineke, re-elected. Joining her will be Adam McCunn and Gloria Waters.
In Wiota, Ford Lillard defeated Kathryn Havens in the Mayoral race, and incumbent Lamar Spies was booted off the city council by the voters. Joining the council instead, will be newcomers Erik J. Johnson and Jon Schwarte.

In Adair County, Dennis Weigel was elected as Mayor of Adair, while the City Council At Large seats went to James Snyder, Larry Ludwig, and Craig Wedemeyer. And, Donald Eggen and Jim Zimmerline were elected to fill two council vacancies. In Bridgewater, Gary Firch was the write-in winner for Mayor. Joining the city council, are write-ins Kristi Burg, Steve Frese and Leo Marnin. In Fontanelle, R. Scott Homan was elected Mayor. Mark Homan, Linda Shafer and Patricia Glassell were elected to the city council. In Orient, a write-in, Louis Cruz defeated his write-in opponent Cecilia McGinnis by 10 votes, to become Mayor. Two other write-in’s, Shawn Subert and Gary Parman were elected to the city council in Orient.

In Audubon County, three candidates were elected to the Exira City Council:  Mike Huegrich, Kevin Petty and write-in Rob Jessen. Brian Olson, a write-in, was elected Mayor of Gray.

Here’s a summary of results from Pottawattamie County, as well…
In Avoca: Jennie Maassen defeated write-in candidate Allen Irlbeck for mayor. Newcomer Sandy Petersen won a City Council seat, while incumbent Fred Miller was re-elected. In Neola: Mayor Lon Ring will serve another term. Incumbent Joe Munch led a four-person race for three City Council seats. In Oakland: Mayor Betsy Moniz retained her office, defeating write-in candidate Joe Wede. In Carson: Eric Weave is the new mayor, defeating William Heitert. Five candidates were up for two council seats, with Troy Graves and Callie Kallsen the winners. In Macedonia: The City Council race featured five candidates for three seats, with Daniel Lajko, Mitchell Eason and Bradley Swope the winners. In Minden: Mayor Richard Armstrong won re-election.

Other election results are available on available for viewing on a separate KJAN.com News page.

Winter Storm pushed further east than expected, in Iowa

News, Weather

November 9th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The National Weather Service has dropped portions of the KJAN listening area out of the Winter Weather Advisory it issued Tuesday. The Advisory remains in effect until 9-a.m., otherwise removed, for: Adair, Adams, Guthrie, Dallas, Madison, Union, Taylor and Ringgold Counties.





General election results from Tue., Nov. 8th (updated 10:49-a.m. 11/9)


November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

(wi=write-in vote);  (I) = incumbent; * Denotes winner(s)


City of Adair: Mayor – *Dennis Weigel, 89; Kelby Harris, 72; Danny Claussen, 18,

City Council At Large (3) – *James Snyder, 141; *Larry Ludwig, 117; *Craig Wedemeyer, 92; Rich Kennedy, Sr., 75′ Kathleen Ann Avey, 61.

City Council/To fill vacancies (2) – *Donald Eggen, 155; *Jim Zimmerline, 94; Armond Harris, 73.

City of Bridgewater: Mayor – wi Gary Firch, 21.

City Council (3) – wi Kristi Burg, 19;  wi Steve Frese, 18; wi Leo Marnin, 19.

City of Fontanelle: Mayor – *R. Scott Homan, 124; Lynn Eddy, 38; Gregory S. Jackson, 8.

City Council (3) – *Mark Homan, 101; *Linda Shafer, 81; *Patricia Glassell, 76; Dallas Sickels, 67; Dixie Dukes, 61; Amanda Sickels, 50; Debrea Jo Dukes, 19; Chance Phillippi, 14; Roger Young, 3.

City of Greenfield: Mayor – Ron Smith, 100;    City Council (2) – Carol Woosley, 105; Brian Eisbach, 102.

Park Board – wi Bill Raasch, 16.   Park Board to fill vacancy – Bill Raasch, 6; Willard Olson, 3.

City of Orient: Mayor – wi *Louis Cruz, 32; wi Cecilia McGinnis, 22.  City Council (2)- wi *Shawn Subert, 28; wi *Gary Parman, 23; wi Marvin McGinnis, 15; wi Jack Davis, 1.


City of Carbon: Mayor – Brian Corpe, 7 votes.  City Council (5) – Donna Rochau, 7; Dwight Sunderman, 7; Jauson King, 5; Ricardo Avila, 4; wi Kathy Jones, 6.

City of Corning: Mayor – (I) Guy Brace 198; Janet E. Scheilz-Wood, 80; Judith Butcher, 78.

City of Nodaway: City Council (5) – Christine Wiechman, Becky Poen & Christine Dunn each received 16 votes; Hartford Cooper, 14; wi Gary Poen, 13.

City of Prescott: Mayor – *Jerry Loghry, 18; Bob Hendricks & Sherry Gray each received 5 votes; Greg Wilkinson 4.   City Council (2) – *Billy Preston 8; *Greg Wilkinson, 7; Kim Reed, 4.


City of Audubon: Mayor – Clark A. Kauffman, 201; wi Andy Griffifth, 39; scattering wi 1.

City Council (2) – John L. Whetzall III, 215; Robert A. Jacobsen, 178. scattering wi, 3.

Exira: Mayor – Randy Thompson 44 votes.

City Council (3 seats) – Mike Huegrich 39, Kevin Petty 43, wi Rob Jessen, 13 votes.

City of Gray: Mayor – wi Brian Olson, 7; scattering wi 1.

City Council (3) – Jared S.  Olson, 10; John Lee Hansen III, 4; Penny Schmidt, 2; scattering wi, 3.

City Council Member/vacancy – Marilyn Newell, 8.

Kimballton: Mayor – Randy Poldberg, 22 votes.

City Council (2) – Jeffrey Albert, 21 votes; Michael D. Jensen, 20 votes.


Board of Supervisors/District 2 – vacancy term ending 2014: *Gaylord Schelling, 170; Don Lappe, 150; Pat McCurdy, 99; Kathy Somers, 77; Jeff Richter, 16.

City Council/At Large  – Dana Halder, 765; wi 22.

1st Ward – Chris Jimmerson, 75; wi 2.          3rd Ward – Ashley K. Hayes, 276; wi 5;    4th Ward – (I) Linda Hartkopf, 143; wi 2.

Parks & Rec Board (2) – (I) Mary E. Strong, 643; Jolene M. Smith, 646. wi 7.   

City of Anita

Mayor – wi *Tim Miller, 53; wi Kenny Harrison, 32, wi David Dennis, 28; wi scattering, 69.

City Council (2) – *Jeff Bohnsack, 138; *Thomas Harris, 136; Angel Lea McCollough, 42; wi scattering 13.

City of Cumberland:

Mayor- *Nancy Virginia Coughlin, 32 (earlier # of votes was incorrect for Coughlin. Auditor’s error); wi Erik Schrier, 2 votes; wi Ed Carter, 1 vote.

City Council (2) – *Sandra Armstrong, 15; wi *Sandy Eversole, 12; wi Lela Lank, 4; wi Steve Porter, 3; wi Vicki Adams, 3.

City of Griswold: Mayor – wi *Lee Wyman, 115; Victoria Jones, 114; wi scattering 12.

City Council (3) – *Lisa Cook, 124; *Larry Mundorf, 120; wi *Ryan Askeland, 100; wi Andy Steffens, 94; wi Carol Hogueison, 84; wi Barry Moore, 33.

Public Measure: Establishment of Capital Improvements Reserve Fund: Yes – 127; No – 103.   Measure PASSED.

City of Lewis : Mayor – (I) Don Cohrs, 57; wi scattering, 25.

City Council (3) – Bethany Nichols, 73; wi Ryan Archibald, 69; (I) Duane Scott Anderson, 59; Sara Cohrs, 28; wi scattering, 22.

City of Marne: Mayor – (I) *Randall Baxter, 27; wi James Blake, 11; wi Barb Fischer, 2.

City Council (5) – (I) *Angela Redler, 42; (I) *Dennis Preister, 39; *Alan Cranston, 38; *Randy Henningsen, 33; (I)* Lanny Kite, 31; James Hoffman, 19.

City of Massena

Mayor – *Donald McCunn, 18; Linda Reineke, 5, wi scattered 12.

City Council (3) – (I) Linda Reineke, 37; Adam McCunn,41; Gloria Waters, 27; scattered wi, 23.

City of Wiota

Mayor – *Ford Lillard, 26; Kathryn Havens, 17

City Council (2) – *Erik J. Johnson, 28; *Jon Schwarte, 27; Raymond Zeller, 23; (I) Lamar Spies, 10.


City of Bagley: Mayor – Don Mole, 45.    City Council (2) – *Taber Lincoln, 39; *Vickie Sellers, 28; Mark Edgington, 14.

City Council to fill vacancy (1) – *Donna Berhow, 23; Ruth Riley, 21.

City of Bayard: Mayor – Gary Haverman, 66; wi scattered 21. City Council (2) – Kathy Carstens, 69; Lance Kraft, 73.  Vacancy – William Schmidt, 45.

Public Measure B – 27-cent per 1,000 tax levy for support of a public library: Yes 63; No 41  PASSED.

City of Casey: Mayor Foorest P. Schnobrich, 26; wi scattered 7.  City Council (3) – Cris Ketchum, 34; Rick Richter, 35; Bruce Vorm, 35.

City of Guthrie Center: Mayor – *Dennis Kunkle, 145; Jimmie Robson, 128; Douglas Calley, 19.

City Council (3) – *Roger Underwood, 228; *Craig Heckman, 216; *Carolyn Masters, 184; Duane Norgart, 162.

City of Jamaica: Mayor – LaDonna Kennedy, 33; scattered wi 25.  

City Council (2) – *Tim McDermott, 46; *Jayanna Corbin, 24; Jal Meinecke, 19; Trevor Wager, 15.

City of Menlo: Mayor Doug O’Brien, 27; scattered wi 4.  City Council (3) – Rick Colbert, 35; Troy Miller, 32; Kim Olson, 29.

Public Measure A: Library Board Authority to appoint a Library Board Treasurer?  Yes – 36.   No 0.

City of Panora: Mayor – *Pat Parker, 87; Steven L. Baker, 85.   City Council (2) – *Andy Carson, 83; *Stu Firebaugh, 82; David Beidelman, 77; Mark S. Humphreys, 77.

City of Stuart: City Council (2) James Morgan, 43; Wade Chafa, 40. 

City of Yale: Mayor – Steve Stanton, 46.   City Council (2) – *Kevin Kirtley, 36; *Brandon Ray Godwin, 31; James Vaughan, 18; Gene Pohl, 8.


City of Red Oak: Mayor – *Bill Billings, 735; Larry Branstetter, 347; James A. Johnson, 154; Bill Haufle, 76; Jeff Van Scoy, 17.

City Council/Ward 1 (1) – *Scott Keith, 149; Roger Waggener, 117; John F. Haidsaik, 84.

City Council/Ward 3 (1) – *Larry D. Barnett, 442; Steve Fenn, 111.

At Large (1) – *Jeanice A. Lester, 791; Dennis Jones, 361; Russell Williams, 125.

Coburg City Council (3) – wi Tammi Redd, 4; wi Amy Eggleston, 4; wi Julianna Schooling, 4; wi Calvin Myers, 4; wi Sandy Gray, 3.  (Since there was a 4-way tie for votes, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors will choose the three candidates out of the 4 tied write-ins when they canvas the election results. The canvas date will be set at their meeting on Thursday)

Villisca – Mayor: Andy Crussell, 94; Adam Wainwright, 88; Larry E. Figgins, 77.

City Council (3) – Lee Haidsaik, 225; Marilyn Halda, 190; Marsha Shepherd, 153; Rex Galloway, 120.

Grant – Mayor: Andrea Jeannette Holldord, 41; wi 6.

City Council  (5) – Nancy Taylor, 41; Lyn Sliger, 37; Michael Bradley Amos, 36; Greg Lightner, 34; Michael Austin Ford, 26.

Elliott – Mayor: Stephen C. Howell, 36.  City Council (2) – Michael Carson, 39; George Petty, 37.

Stanton – Mayor: Kirk Requist, 57; wi 9.  City Council (2) – Ray Guffey, 66; Kelvin Wenberg, 58.


City of Avoca: Mayor – *Jennie Maassen, 375; wi Allen Irlbeck, 224.  

City Council (2) – (I) *Fred Miller, 328; *Sandy Petersen, 418; Tim Gubbels, 216; Marcella Marcy Deschamp, 163; Deanna Scroggie, 119.

City of Carson: Mayor – *Eric Weave, 170; William Heitert, 55.

City Council (2) – *Troy Graves, 179; *Callie Kallsen, 101; Richelle Alff, 98; Clifford Pracht, 44l Victor Ayers, 18.

City of Hancock: Mayor – *Jeff Gress, 64; (I) Wayne M. Bivens, 5; John Hayes, Sr., 3.

City of Macedonia: City Council (3) – *Daniel Lajka, 43; *Mitchell Easton, 39; *Bradley Swope, 38; Donald Tye, 26; Terry Franks, 12.

City of Minden: Mayor – *Richard Armstrong, 97;  O. Dean Olson, 46.

City of Neola: Mayor – *Lon Ring, 99; Jason Zaborowski, 40.   

City Council (3) – (I) *Joe Munch, 122; *Pete Sorenson, 99;  (I) *John Herbert Brich, 91; (I) Aaron Wellman, 69.

City of Oakland: Public Measure 78-C    No 121    Yes 79.  Measure FAILS.


City of Harlan: Mayor – *Gene Gettys, Jr., 420; Jesse A. Andersen, 177; David Tyrrel, 157.

City Council /4th Ward (1) - *Daniel J. Schumacher, 97; Eric Glover, 25.    

City of Defiance: Mayor – * Alan Wilwerding, 38; Bob Kloewer, 26.  City Council (2) – *Jeff Theulen, 56; *Wes Walker, 35; Ron Weihs, 33; Bob Kloewer, 27.

City of Panama: City Council (2) – *Steve Wegner, 20; *Bernard Hermanson, 9; Cory Freund, 6; Alan Bruck 5.

City of Kirkman: City Council (3) – *Arlyn Oman, 6; *Phil Nielsen, 5; Larry Gustason, 4; Terry Fiscus, 4; Clint Kienast, 4; Matt Nielsen, 3; Michelle Anderson, 3; Gary Bacon, 3; Sonny Goans, 3; Brandi Bacon, 2.

City of Portsmouth: City Council (2) – Larry Wendt, Sr., 22; receiving 1 vote each: Gerald Kohles, Connie Johl, Gale Tarkington, Tim Blum, Craig Rau & Michael Stoll.

City of Shelby: City Council (3) – *Sheila Rihner, 83; *Shawn Osbahr, 80; *Robert Richmond, 60; Doyle Gilland, 49; Ron Kroll, 47; Rick Kiesel, 45; Christopher Evans, 41.

City of Tennant: City Council (3) – *Ronald Peters, 28; *Ralph Heese & *Dana Tuma received 24 votes each; Betty Brantner, 6.

Richter’s father found dead in his Chicago home


November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – A retired Chicago police detective was found dead outside his rural Iowa home Tuesday, a day after his daughter was convicted of murder in a 2001 shooting death she had claimed was self-defense, a death investigator said. Bernard Richter, 69, was found dead about 11:50 a.m. on his property in Rembrandt by sheriff’s deputies sent to check on him after relatives said they had not heard from him since Sunday morning, according to Buena Vista County death investigator Matt Imming.

Imming said it appeared Richter had died of natural causes, but that the state medical examiner’s office would conduct an autopsy Wednesday. Imming said the discovery of the body a day after his daughter’s conviction appears to be “purely coincidental.” “We’re still trying to piece together the timeline,” he said. “The investigation is still ongoing.”

Sheriff Gary Launderville said investigators on the scene Tuesday could not positively identify the elderly male body as being Richter because of blood pooled around his face and chest and that his office would leave the final determination to the state medical examiner’s autopsy. Launderville said it appeared the body had been where it was found face down on the ground for 24 to 36 hours before deputies arrived. “We are not ruling out anything at this point,” he said. “We’re way too early in this thing.”

A Fort Dodge jury on Monday convicted Tracey Richter of first-degree murder in the Dec. 13, 2001, shooting of Dustin Wehde, 20. Bernard Richter supported his daughter, but family members said he did not attend her murder trial because he been ill in recent months. Tracey Richter had claimed she killed Wehde after he and another man broke into her Early home and choked her with pantyhose. Jurors, however, sided with prosecutors who said she killed Wehde as part of a plot to frame her ex-husband.

During a September interview, Bernard Richter said he had retired after working for 27 years as a homicide detective in Chicago and indicated that the allegations against his daughter were taking a toll. “I see what they put in the paper,” he said. “They don’t put nothing about the poor family.”

Harlan woman nominated to IA Court of Appeals


November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The Judicial Nominating Commission has named three nominees to the Iowa Court of Appeals. The commission selected the nominees on Tuesday from a pool of 18 applicants who were interviewed earlier in the day. They are District Judge Thomas Bower, of Cedar Falls; District Associate Judge Susan Christensen, of Harlan; and Assistant Attorney General Jeanie Vaudt, of West Des Moines. Gov. Terry Branstad has 30 days to make his selection. The vacancy on the court is being created by the retirement of Chief Judge Rosemary Sackett in January.

Burn Ban Lifted in Cass County


November 8th, 2011 by admin

A ban on opening burning which had been in place in Cass County since October 7th, was lifted Tuesday afternoon. The ban was issued due to dry and windy conditions, and the danger of seemingly controlled, open burning, getting out of control.  Recent rains and a light dusting of snow last week has helped to lessen the fire danger.

Cass County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Kennon announced that at the request of area fire departments, the ban burn was lifted at 3-p.m. Tuesday.

Fall Trout Stockings Coming to Council Bluffs, Spencer, Fort Dodge, Sioux City, Ames, Mason City

Ag/Outdoor, News, Sports

November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will stock trout in Council Bluffs on Nov. 9, near Spencer on Nov. 12, near Fort Dodge on Nov. 16, in Sioux City on Nov. 17, in Ames on Nov. 18 and in Mason City on Nov. 23. The DNR will release 1,000 rainbow trout in Big Lake at Council Bluffs, 1,500 in Scharnberg Park Pond at Spencer, 1,500 in Mooreland Pond at Fort Dodge, 1,500 in Bacon Creek at Sioux City, 2,200 in Ada Hayden at Ames, and 1,500 in Blue Pit at Mason City. 

The stockings are part of the DNR’s cool weather trout program that brings trout to areas that cannot support them during the summer months.  Trout will be released at 2 p.m. in Big Lake, between 12 and 1 p.m. at Scharnberg Park, 1 p.m. at Moreland Pond, 1 p.m. at Bacon Creek, noon at Ada Hayden and 11 a.m. at Blue Pit.

Anglers will need to have a valid fishing license and pay the trout fee to fish for or possess trout.  The daily limit is five trout per licensed angler with a possession limit of 10. Children age 15 or younger can fish for trout with a properly licensed adult, but they must limit their catch to one daily limit.  The child can purchase a trout fee which will allow them to catch their own limit.

(DNR Press Release)

Attorney: Murder verdict a win for public safety


November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – A Chicago attorney says a jury verdict finding a former western Iowa woman guilty of murdering a man in 2001 is a victory for public safety. Stephen Komie on Tuesday praised Sac County Attorney Ben Smith and state investigators for securing Monday’s conviction of Tracey Richter, of Omaha, in the death of 20-year-old Dustin Wehde at her home in Early, Iowa. Komie represented Richter’s first husband, John Pitman III, in a bitter divorce and custody proceeding in the 1990s. Prosecutors say Richter tried to frame Pitman and Komie in a murder-for-hire-scheme in which she had Wehde write in a pink notebook they’d hired him to kill her and her son. Komie says he was surprised to learn last month he’d been framed and he’s “thrilled” Richter had been convicted.

Audit finds $95K in Denison fire dept. spending


November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – A state audit has found more than $95,000 in questionable spending at the Denison Fire Department, including payments it says were made to businesses owned by the former fire chief. The report released today (Tuesday), from state Auditor David Vaudt details a review that was requested by city officials after former Fire Chief Mike McKinnon left the job in 2010.

It identifies a number of purchases that were improper or did not have proper documentation, including webcams, GPS units,  atelevision, a riding lawnmower and snowblade and clothing. The audit also found thousands paid to businesses owned by McKinnon and included invoices with addresses for post office boxes in Des Moines that did not exist.

Atlantic Airport Commission to meet Wednesday


November 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The City of Atlantic’s Airport Commission will meet 9-a.m. Wednesday, in the airport terminal building. New business on their agenda includes the review of a letter from the F-A-A with regard to the Parallel Taxiway Project, and the continuation of an Engineering Agreement with Snyder and Associates for final project’s documents, bid, and construction services.

City Administrator Doug Harris said at last week’s City Council meeting in Atlantic, that the F-A-A will pay nearly $600,000 toward the $1.2-million dollar cost of the project, which involves completion on one segment of the taxiway to the runway. The City’s share is 5-percent of the total cost. The letter the Airport Commission will review, spells out a schedule the City must adhere to, including the hiring of an engineer by December 15th, and the letting of bids by no later than May, 2012.