Heartbeat Today 08-04-2011

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August 4th, 2011 by Chris Parks

Jim discusses the proposed 2012 Cass County Fair schedule.  Our question of the day at the fairgrounds will be asking if you like the proposed schedule?

2012 Proposed Fair Schedule

Wednesday, July 25- 6pm-Prep Day

Thursday, July 26- 9am-3pm Static Exhibits Entered and Judged; 10am Food Sale; 4-6pm Swine weigh-in; 8pm Queen/King Contest; Senior Recognition.

Friday, July 27- 8-11Am Sheep/Meat Goat Weigh-in; 9am-Rabbit Show; 10-11am Horses Entered; 12pm-Horse Show; 3pm-Dog Show; 5-7:30pm-Beef Weigh-in; 5-7:30pm Poultry Check-in; 8pm- Stage Entertainment

Saturday, July 28- 8am-Sheep Show; 12-4pm-Decorator’s Showcase; 2pm-Poultry Show; 3pm-Meat Goat Show; 6:30pm-Tractor Pull.

Sunday, July 29- 7:30am-Swine Show; 9AM-Working Ehibits (Ed Pres, Extemp); 2-3pm-Feeder Calf Weigh-in; 5pm-Feeder Calf Show; 6pm-Horse Fun Show; 8pm-Bullriding.

Monday, July 30- 8am-Beef Show; 10am-Dairy/Dairy Goat Show; 10am-Best of Iowa; 1pm-Pet Show; 1:30pm-Watermelon Feed; 3pm-Livestock Judging; 3pm-Building Awards; 7pm-Grand Champion Beef Selection.

Tuesday, July 31- 8am-Livestock Sale; 3pm-Mud Volleyball

Wednesday, August 1- 6pm-Clean-up