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Adair County Supervisors vote to reinstate Compensation Board; Tax abatement proposal fails


July 10th, 2024 by Ric Hanson

(Greenfield, Iowa) – The Board of Supervisors in Adair County, today (Wednesday), held discussion with regard to the County Compensation Board. In the past, Compensation Boards were in charge of reviewing and comparing elected officials’ salaries and recommending a compensation schedule. Adair County Auditor Mandy Berg reported the Compensation Board had dissolved as of July 1st, due to State Legislation. Berg said that leaves the Supervisors with two options.

She said if the Supervisors reinstate the Compensation Board, ISAC (Iowa State Association of Counties) recommends a drawing of lots with regard to terms of the Supervisors who are represented on the Compensation Board.

Following discussion, the Supervisors unanimously voted to reinstate the Compensation Board. In other business, the Supervisors in Adair County acknowledged receipt of the FY23 MATURA Audit.They also approved the re-appointment of Lee Ashmore to the Veterans Affairs Commission. His term was set to expire. They also discussed a proposed County Tax Abatement for rural homeowners who lost their homes in the tornado that struck Adair County on May 21st. Supervisor Jodi Hoadley…

Fourteen rural homes were lost in the storm. Hoadley said the rural residents just want to be treated fairly, when compared city residents. Supervisor John Twombly said he feels new houses in the rural area should be taxed accordingly.

Twombly motioned not to allow the Abatement. It was approved by a vote of 3-to 2, with Hoadley and Baier opposed, and Twombly, Walker and Wedemeyer in favor.

And, Adair County Engineer Nick Kauffman provided the Board with his weekly Secondary Roads report. Prior to the report, the Adair County Supervisors approved of Board Chair Jerry Walker signing of plans for the G-61 Culvert Repair Project, and they passed a resolution authorizing Kauffman and his assistant, Sawyer Hansen, to be represent the County with regard to Federal/State (disaster recovery) assistance.

In his report on maintenance and activities, Nick Kauffman said Henningsen Construction is expected to be in the County sometime around August 19th, to conduct work on the Henry Wallace Road.