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Moviemakers launch crowdfunding campaign for all-Iowa-made suspense thriller


January 23rd, 2024 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) – Independent filmmakers in Iowa are appealing to the public for help in getting a movie made in several locations in the state with an all Iowa-cast and crew. Co-director Jake Daniels, founder of Mediaverse Studios in Marengo, says the feature-length film is to be called “Operation: Crimson Night.” It will follow a team of soldiers working for a shadow organization who are sent to find and kill a creature that escaped from its containment area in a small town in Romania. “It’s kind of a mystery and kind of a suspenseful thriller, but there’s also a lot of character-driven aspects to it,” Daniels says. “When we see these kind of movies, we basically just see the action and shoot ’em up stuff, but what we’re trying to create is something that’s more character-driven and has a little bit more heart, and leans more to the horror than the action.”

Daniels says filmmakers don’t need to go to Hollywood, Atlanta or New York to create quality entertainment, as there’s exceptional talent and creativity thriving within the state of Iowa. “The goal of this is mostly to show the film industry that Iowa is here and we are making really good movies,” Daniels says, “and while we have a small budget, we’re able to make it look like something way larger. We’re hoping for film festival releases and then eventually, we’re going to try to get it onto some streaming platforms.” Daniels says he’s also planning for screenings of the film in Iowa theaters. The crowdfunding campaign effort via the website Indiegogo is seeking $7,500 as seed money to make this movie a reality.

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“We have all of our own cameras and lighting and we’re actually building some sets at our studio, so we’re able to eat a lot of the costs that way ourselves,” he says. “The funding is basically going to the cast and crew to get them fed, get them paid a little bit, and then hopefully on the back end, if we get good distribution, then all that money will go back to the cast and crew.”

It’s hoped the movie will be shot in May and June in locations around Des Moines, Mason City and at the studio in Marengo.

Learn more at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/operation-crimson-night.