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Adair County Supervisors approve township clerk wages, resignations & Speed limit resolution


September 27th, 2023 by Ric Hanson

(Greenfield, Iowa) – The Adair County Board of Supervisors took action on a few matters during their brief meeting this (Wednesday) morning, in Greenfield. The Board approved an extension of the courtyard use permit for the Farmer’s Market, and township clerk wages for three townships.

The Supervisors approved the early retirement resignations of Deputy Auditor Sandy Mitchell, as well as the resignation in December of custodian & maintenance employee Rich Wallace, along with one other person.

In his report, County Engineer Nick Kauffman presented a Speed Limit Resolution and signs for the Adair County portions of Front Street and Division Street, near Stuart, a requested by the City of Stuart.

The Board acted on passing that Resolution. Board Chair Jerry Walker was authorized by the Supervisors to sign the final pay voucher of $25,843.66 to Murphy Construction, for the N5 Richland Bridge Project. The grand total cost of the project is $861, 455.02.

And, Nick Kauffman updated the Board of various road and bridge projects underway in Adair County.

He mentioned they are having to obtain road rock from Schildberg’s through Madison County, at Pitzer and Earlham sites, as well as Corning, because they are out of rock at the Menlo site. That’s why the county currently isn’t hauling much rock at the present. The county has a small stockpile of rock. Kauffman said also, Gus Construction continues to work on the road south of Fontanelle.