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Griswold School Board set to meet Monday evening


March 18th, 2023 by Ric Hanson

(Griswold, Iowa) – The Griswold School Board will meet 5:30-p.m., Monday, March 20, in the Conference Room at the High School. Their agenda (as follows) includes an Exempt (closed) session for matters relating to negotiating sessions.

• Call Meeting to Order

• Reading of Mission Statement

• Approval of Agenda (D.R.)

• Public Input

• Superintendent’s Report:

  1. Thank You Card(s) (I)
  2. The Month in Review – Administration (I)
  3. Board Learning Opportunities (I)

– Honor February Recipient

– Select March Recipient

• Consent Agenda (D.R.)

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Financial Statements

Approval of Bills

4. Personnel

5. Gifts, Memorials, Bequests

Exempt Meeting – An exempt meeting will be held prior to conducting the Old Business portion of the regular March 20, 2023 Griswold Board of Education Meeting.

The purpose of the Exempt Meeting is to discuss strategy in matters relating to negotiating sessions pursuant to Iowa Code 20.17(3)

Old Business

6. Board Policies – Second Reading (D.R.) – 216.2, 603.6, 603.7, 603.8, 603.8R1, 603.9, 603.9R1, 603.10, 603.11, 607.1, 701.5, 701.5R1, 705.1R2, 804.7R1

7. Consider Approval Of Track Maintenance Bid (D.R.)

8. Discussion And Possible Action On Griswold Sports Club Concession

Stand Proposal (I or D.R.)

New Business

9. Discussion On Possible Meeting Dates With The Labor Management

Committee And An IASB Workshop (I)

10. Approve Master Contract For GCEA (D.R.)

11. Accept GCEA Human Resource Handbook (D.R.)

12. Approve Master Contract For School Based Interventionist (D.R.)

13. Accept School Based Interventionist Human Resource Handbook (D.R.)

14. Approve Master Contract For Technology Coordinator (D.R.)

15. Accept Technology Coordinator Human Resource Handbook (D.R.)

16. Approve Master Contract For Non-Certified Staff (D.R.)

17. Accept Non-Certified Human Resource Handbook (D.R.)

18. Approval Of Contract Renewals For Certified Staff, Coaches/Sponsors,

Administration, Quasi-Administrators, And Support Staff (D.R.)

19. Approve The 2023-24 Elementary Guidance Sharing Agreement With

Riverside (D.R.)

20. Approve The 2023-24 Transportation Director Sharing Agreement

With Atlantic (D.R.)

21. Approve The 2023-24 School Business Official Sharing Agreement With

Riverside (D.R.)

22. Consider Approval Of 2023-24 Shared Girls Wrestling Program (D.R.)

23. Consider Approval Of The 2023-24 Athletic Handbook (D.R.)

24. Consider Approval Of The 2023-24 Preschool Handbook (D.R.)

25. Set Drivers Education Fees (D.R.)

26. Consider Approval Of Updated Job Descriptions (D.R.)

27. Consider Approval Of Mowing Bids (D.R.)

28. Consider Approval Of Participation Agreement For FY24 Local Government

Risk Pool (D.R.)

29. Consider Approval Of Skip The Trip Program (D.R.)

30. Consider Approval Of Open Enrollment Request – In (D.R.)

31. 4-Day School Week Update (I)

32. Youth Sports Update (I)

33. Annual Review Of Policies 410.2, 603.2, 711.4 (D.R.)

34. Board Policies – First Reading (I) – 413.6, 413.7, 604.1, 604.2, 604.3, 604.4,

604.5, 604.6, 604.7, 604.8, 604.9, 604.10, 604.11

35 Discussion And Possible Action On Small Claims Court Award (I or D.R.)

• Adjourn

(D.R.) = Decision Required

(I.) = Informational

Final agenda will be posted in the Central Office no less than 24 hours before the meeting.