Shelby County BOS news


September 23rd, 2022 by Ric Hanson

(Harlan, Iowa) – The Board of Supervisors in Shelby County, met in a regular session, Tuesday. During the session Auditor/Commissioner of Elections Mark Maxwell, explained (as we’ve previously reported), the post-election Audit Board hand counted one voting machine and two precincts worth of ballots. The number of ballots inside of the sealed ballot bags for the Sept. 13th Special Bond Election and Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS), he said, matched the number on the machine and were counted a total of four times to confirm. The Audit Board hand counted the yes and no votes in the two precincts and the totals matched perfectly with the machine count. The report was then turned into the Secretary of State’s office as required. Maxwell explained that tabulation from Harrison County is comingled with the results from Shelby County as Shelby County was designated to hold the election for eligible Harrison County voters.

Separately, and after the Board approved an Abstract of the votes:

  • Jim Shelton advised Shelby County Board, with regard to the Home Base Initiative. The initiative gives Veterans financial assistance and offers employment opportunities available in Shelby County through the Home Base Initiative. A Resolution of Approval will be drafted and submitted to the Supervisors at a later date.
  • Terri Daringer, current Shelby County Environmental Health Head was on hand to announce her successor upon retirement. The newly hired Luke Wolken was introduced to the Board and received a warm welcome.
  • Kyle Lindberg, Shelby County Jail Administrator was present to give updates on his departments current quarterly report. Lindberg reported he is fully staffed at the present time. The Supervisors were notified that booking are running at a record rate for this current year. Jail upgrades are needed and Lindberg is applying for grants to pay for the upgrades.
  • Alex Londo EMA Coordinator for Shelby County reported his department has been assisting in a school safety initiative, inspecting schools, in cooperation with the Sheriff’s office. The new radios are being tested with a few going to each department for reviews. A microwave antennae need to be installed and the current tower at Sheriffs building will not support the added weight. Other alternatives are being looked at.
  • Tony Buman, Shelby County Assessor and Zoning Commissioner was present at Tuesday’s meeting, and informed the Supervisors that the current assessment samples looked at have revealed an assessment increase in residential and commercial properties. It was stressed that it is early in the process and those are the early findings. The process must be completed by January 1st, 2023. The Zoning Commission had a meeting with discussion about the proposed pipeline, a public hearing is to be held to receive public input.

In other business, a Building and Grounds Use Permit for Shelby County Courthouse grounds was presented to the Supervisors in Shelby County, for the Forgotten Art – The Artist Show on November 5th. Since nothing is required of County staff,the Board moved to approve the request. A fiscal sponsor request was made by the Sheriffs Department for a grant to acquire new safety equipment for the his office. That request was also approved.

Todd Valline then presented updates and events sponsored and participated in by his organization, the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Valline advised that Iowa Western Community College is now offering apprenticeship jobs as part of their HVAC program and they are also offering CDL classes.

Shelby County Engineer, Brandon Burmeister, reported on several projects currently being completed by his department and a few updates on planned projects as well as presenting a Title VI assurances agreement between the Iowa DOT and Shelby County. The Board approved the agreement and named Burmeister as coordinator.