Five area school districts set to share girls wrestling program at CAM this Fall


June 23rd, 2022 by Chris Parks

Five area school districts are set to share a girls wrestling program at CAM schools this upcoming season. Atlantic made the announcement at their school board meeting on Wednesday night that they will enter into the agreement. The other schools involved are Griswold, Nodaway Valley, and Southwest Valley. CAM will be the host school for the shared 7-12 girls wrestling program. Atlantic Superintendent Steve Barber said officials from each school district saw benefits from sharing the program.

Mr. Barber also explained how the cost of the program would be shared.

For Atlantic Mr. Barber said they would probably have to have a transportation chaperone to get the girls to Massena for practice. They have discussed some different scheduling options for different host competition sites and are working through that. The agreement will continue on an annual basis unless a school involved notifies CAM they want to discontinue participation on or before March 1st of the previous school year.