Cong Hinson blasts Democrat spending plan


October 14th, 2021 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) – Iowa First District Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Marion, voted against raising the debt limit in the House Tuesday. “We are hearing the Democrats in Washington D-C talking about cutting a trillion or two from a multitrillion-dollar social spending spree like they should get a pat on the back for that for being fiscally responsible,” Hinson says. ” And I think it is very clear to Iowans that these are not nickles and dimes — we are dealing in trillions of dollars here. And the Democrats have forgotten how many zeros are in trillions.”

Hinson says her vote sends a message on Democrat spending. “It is critical of course, that we do not default on our debt. But it is equally important that we don’t let democrats spend as much as they want on whatever they want to. Or to signal to them that we will give them a pathway to do that in the future,” she says.

A proposal to have banks track accounts with 600 dollars or more in them is part of the Democrats’ spending proposal. Hinson is not in favor of the idea. “It’s a completely invasive policy, we heard Speaker Pelosi acknowledge that for the first time,” Hinson says.

The Biden Administration says the proposal is designed to find people who are NOT paying taxes they owe. “I can tell you loud and clear Iowans do not want the I-R-S to monitor when they are paying their bills or making a big grocery store run. I think about families making a big trip to Costco or HyVee and stocking up. Why does the government need to know that? That’s exactly why I have been leading the charge against this in Washington D-C with my legislation, the Protecting Financial Privacy Act,” according to Hinson.

Hinson says the proposal is a way to expand the size of the I-R-S. “We need more border patrol agents — not more I-R-S agents right now,” Hinson says.

Her comments came during her weekly conference call with reporters.