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Two New Funds Created at Pottawattamie County Community Foundation to Support Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office


June 23rd, 2021 by Ric Hanson

(Council Bluffs, IA) – Pottawattamie County Community Foundation (PCCF) has announced the creation of two new Funds in partnership with the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s office. The Pottawattamie County Shop with the Sheriff Fund was created to support the annual “Shop with the Sheriff” event that, for more than 20 years, has made the holidays a bit warmer and brighter for children and families in need.

Shop with the Sheriff 2020 .

Additionally, The Pottawattamie County K-9 Unit Support Fund helps fund the purchase and training of additional K-9s to utilize in the Road Patrol Department. A Fund at a Community Foundation is a charitable entity of money established by donors, individuals, corporations, or nonprofit organizations designated for specific or unrestricted charitable purposes.

The Shop with the Sheriff event started in 1998 by the late Lt. Larry Brown and has provided hundreds of children and families with support during the holiday season. The Sheriff’s Office collaborates with the local Department of Human Services to determine the participating children and families, and last year, 72 children and 33 families throughout our community benefitted from the event. Children received clothing and toys valued at $200 per child, and families received a $75 gift card for a Christmas meal.

Donations from businesses, organizations and individuals provide the financial means for the annual event and the newly established Fund at PCCF will provide an easier platform for supporters to make financial contributions with added tax benefits.

In early 2021, Sheriff Andy Brown recognized the lack of K-9 assets in the Sheriff’s Office. Currently, the only K-9 detection dog is on a long-term commitment to a federal task force and unavailable to the Road Patrol Deputies that conducts regular Sheriff’s Office business.

To add K-9 assets to the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Brown and his team worked with PCCF to create The Pottawattamie County K-9 Unit Support Fund to receive charitable donations for a K-9 program without the use of additional tax dollars. With several individuals and businesses expressing interest in a K-9 program, the Fund at PCCF will provide individuals a vehicle to make donations with the ability to use the tax advantages of a charitable fund.

“The protection of residents, the apprehension of criminals, and the safety of our Deputies is our mission,” said Andy Brown, Pottawattamie County Sheriff. “Law enforcement service dogs perform a critical function in modern law enforcement. They give the Deputies the ability to be more pro-active in drug investigations and protect both law enforcement and the public during the apprehension of dangerous criminals.

We are thankful for the staff at Pottawattamie County Community Foundation who have made it possible for us to receive financial support to purchase K-9s for our Road Patrol Division, and to the people of Pottawattamie County who are supporting this program.” Sheriff Brown’s goal is to add two additional dogs to the regular Road Patrol with the intent that the dogs be narcotic detection dogs with the ability to do patrol functions like tracking and apprehension in high-risk environments. The costs for these assets are substantial and include the purchase of a highly specialized breed, critical training, veterinary fees, and additional costs to support the K-9.

“By leveraging the power of PCCF for asset management and media outreach, I feel we can achieve the goal of adding two additional dogs within the next two years,” said Brown. “The role of PCCF is to collaborate toward community-wide impact and to support charitable giving,” said Donna Dostal, president and CEO of the Pottawattamie County Community Foundation. “These two unique projects illustrate the amazing work and commitment our Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s department makes toward the well-being of our entire community. Through the generous support of the folks that live and work in our county, the Sheriff’s department is able to continue this important work, and we are honored to amplify and lift up their efforts.”

Individuals, families, and businesses can contribute to the two new Funds by visiting www.ourpccf.org or by calling 712.256.7007. PCCF can also work with donors to maximize their charitable gifts, which can include but are not limited to the following: cash gifts, financial investments, bequests, gifts of grain, stocks and securities, livestock, real estate, and vehicles.

About PCCF: The Pottawattamie County Community Foundation (PCCF) is a tax-exempt public charity, 501(c)(3), that serves thousands of people who share a common interest in improving the quality of life in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Through PCCF, individuals, families, businesses and organizations can create permanent charitable funds that help their  communities meet the challenges of changing times. The foundation invests and administers these charitable funds. Like all community foundations across the United States, PCCF is overseen by a volunteer board of leading citizens and run by professionals with expertise in identifying the needs of their community.

Mission: The Pottawattamie County Community Foundation is a partnership of rural and urban citizens dedicated to improving the lives of all residents by supporting and stimulating donor-driven philanthropy. “Give Where We Live” at www.ourpccf.org.