Trooper stops motorist speeding over 107 mph on I-29


May 4th, 2021 by Ric Hanson

(Updated) – Yet another case of a motorist traveling in excess of 100-mph has been reported in Iowa. Iowa State Patrol Trooper Ryan Devault told KJAN news a Trooper tweeted an image of a radar clocking a motorist on Interstate 29 in Fremont County, traveling at 107 mph.

It was the first triple digit speeder of the week, according to Devault. So what was the motorist’s excuse?

ISP radar pic via Trooper Ryan Devault (Twitter)

Trooper Devault says incidents of persons traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour began occurring in 2020, when COVID kept more people off the roads.

Now that the number of cases of COVID are declining and people are feeling more confident about hitting the road, Devault says less people are speeding, but those authorities to see, are blatantly in violation of the law.

Over the past year, motorists have been clocked speeding as high as the low 140’s in some cases. Trooper Devault reminds motorists there are stiff penalties that go along excessive speeds, and the fine is only one part of the price you’ll pay.

Insurance rates also go up dramatically. Devault says while you’re on the road, keep a close eye for motorcyclists. As the weather gets warmer, the two-wheel and three-wheel machines will be on the pavement, and they can be hard to see. He advises you turn your head to make sure they aren’t beside you when you switch lanes, and keep on eye on your rearview mirror, to see if they are approaching.