April 2021 Weather data for Atlantic


May 1st, 2021 by Ric Hanson

The month of April in Atlantic was slightly warmer and much drier than normal, additional more concerns about the drought situation. Weather data compiled here at the KJAN Studios (The official National Weather Service reporting site), show the Average High last month (rounded-off) was 64, compared to the normal average high of 62. Our Average Low in April was 36, which was just one-degree cooler than normal. And, we received a just. 45″ (45 one-hundredths of an inch) of precipitation, which was nearly three-inches below the norm for April.

Our Low of 14 on April 1st, tied the record for that date set in 1924. It was also the coldest day for the month.

Looking ahead to the month of May, here in Atlantic, we can expected an Average High of 73-degrees, an Average Low of 49, and rain typically amounting to 4.32-inches. We’ll let you know if we were on par for those conditions…on June 1st.