July 2020 Weather in Atlantic: No surprise – Warmer & drier


August 2nd, 2020 by Ric Hanson

Well, if you hadn’t figured it out, the month of July in Atlantic was warmer and drier than usual. Data for the month compiled at the KJAN Studios show Atlantic’s High for July was 88 degrees, or about 2 degrees warmer than normal. The average Low was nearly spot-on, 63. But the average rainfall, well, the bucket was very shallow last month. Normally we see around 4.62 inches. Last month, was only received 1.22 inches here at KJAN.

During the month of August, Atlantic will typically see 3.88 inches of rain (but we know this year has been anything but “typical”).  Our average High is normally 83 and the average Low is 72.