Iowa COVID-19 update for 6/29/20 – 3 additional deaths; 163 new cases


June 29th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

(Updated 10-a.m., 6/29) – The Iowa Department of Public Health, today (Monday), reports 298 new cases of COVID-19 since Sunday, for a total of 28,728. Of that total, 7,148 persons have a pre-existing health condition. Officials say 300,427 Iowans have been tested for the virus, with 271,283 coming up with a negative test result.  Three Iowans have died from COVID-19, since Sunday, for a total of 707, with 497 of those having had a pre-existing medical condition. The IDPH says 17,711 Iowans have recovered, and a total of 805,086 assessments have been completed. The state has shown an uptick in positive cases at the end of June, while overall positive cases had been flat or downward trending since early May. Testing levels are at all-time highs for Iowa, averaging more than 5,500 test results per day in the last 7 days.

The number of Long-Term Care (LTC) facility outbreaks is down to 24 as of today (Monday). In those care facilities, 723 people have tested positive, 428 have recovered and 364 have died, which is one more death than reported on Sunday. Iowa’s hospitalization rates continue to show a steady decline since an apparent peak in early May. The State’s RMCC database show: 119 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 (1 more than Sunday), 35 are in an ICU (1 less than yesterday), 19 were admitted to a hospital (4 more than Sunday), and 18 are on a ventilator. The numbers for southwest and western Iowa (RMCC Region 4) have remained essentially unchanged since Sunday (6 hospitalized, 2 in an ICU, 1 admitted [1 more than Sunday]and 1 on a ventilator)

The State’s COVID-19 database shows the following numbers for positive cases and recoveries ( ), with any 24-hour changes marked with an *.

  • Cass: 17 (16)
  • Adair: 15* (11)
  • Adams: 8 (5*)
  • Audubon: 17* (12*)
  • Guthrie: 64 (50)
  • Montgomery: 10 (8)
  • Pottawattamie: 675* (536*)
  • Shelby: 103 (65*)

The Iowa Department of Public Health reports the latest data on coronavirus in real time on this website.