Atlantic School Board welcomes new members


November 19th, 2019 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic School District’s Board of Education met Tuesday evening at the High School, for what would be the last meeting of the retiring Board, and a gathering of remaining members and those newly elected. Retiring Board members included Allison Bruckner and Dr. Keith Swanson. Both were presented with plaques for their four-years on the Board.

In his departing comments, Dr. Swanson said “What I would is, when I came on the board four-years ago, it was with an extreme purpose. And the extreme purpose was to get the finances improved.  And I think I have accomplished that. I think we have a very good Superintendent, and I think Sarah [Sheeder] does an excellent job with the finances. And I think the new Board will really appreciate those (Financial) reports. Thank you very much for allowing me to serve.”

Newly elected Board members Laura McLean and Nicholas Hunt were sworn-in, with Hunt attending the meeting via video-conference from Colorado. Afterward, the new Board approved the re-appointment of Sarah Sheeder as Board Treasurer and Secretary. Josh McLaren was elected by a vote of 3-to 2, for another term as Board President, and Kristy Pellett was elected as Vice-President.

The new School Board voted to keep the regular dates of their meetings as the second Wednesday of the month, and the 10 yearly Work sessions as the fourth Wednesday of the month. They also opted to change the start time of their meetings from 5:30-p.m. to 6-p.m.

In his report to the Board, Superintendent Steve Barber said “We are very grateful to have the opportunity to offer the Aviation Curriculum produced by AOPA (The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association).” He said also, Mrs. Sonntag, the current instructor, plans to be trained in and teach the second year curriculum in 2020-21. The district will make an application to the organization for the opportunity to train another instructor, as well.

Superintendent Barber said also, there was a Construction meeting Monday, with regard to progress on the District’s Athletic Facilities projects. During the meeting they learned construction was “A little bit behind due to whatever reason, the weather (Etc.).” If you’ve been by the baseball and softball fields, though, you may notice that a lot has been done. The District received a report on soil compaction Tuesday evening, which Barber says means they’re getting closer to setting the footings for the baseball/softball concession stand/restroom and storage building.

The goal he says is to complete demolition and get the two concession stands up yet this fall, if the pads are poured prior the frost coming out this Spring, the concession stand can be built and set-up with electrical and plumbing.