Atlantic Certified Enrollment numbers not yet in


October 9th, 2019 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic School District Superintendent Steve Barber said Wednesday, that because the Department of Education agreed with another company to handle the Certified Enrollment Data each school in the State is responsible for completing and that drives the funding mechanism, the District had not received the file from the State to certify the enrollment.

Barber said the results are therefore unofficial until the certification process can be completed. As it stands, Certified enrollment this year is nearly the same as last year, if not flat. The latest data show an enrollment of 1329.7 this year, versus 1328.8 in 2018 (or, +.9 students). Open enrolled-in numbers are down 2.5 students from 2018, and Open enrolled-in versus Out, is up 3.4 students.

In other news, Barber said the Washington Parking Lot project was nominated for an award by the Statewide Concrete Organization. Their members visited Atlantic Wednesday and are comparing the project to others nominated within the State, to determine the award winners. He said also, there have been few if any complaints about the new drop-off and pickup locations.

Superintendent Barber said also, some members of the Atlantic media are sponsoring a School Board Candidate Forum. The event will be held 7-p.m. Monday, Oct. 28th, in the Atlantic Middle School Auditorium.  In the Atlantic School District, five people are running for one, At Large seat on the School Board: Mark C. Foegen; Nicholas Hunt; Laura McLean; Incumbent Jenny Williams; and Benjamin Winford.