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Meteorite causes water woes for Iowa town


February 15th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

MANSON, Iowa (AP) – The northwest Iowa town of Manson is struggling to sink a new water well all because of something that happened 74 million years ago. A meteorite slammed into the region, sending up rocks from five miles below the surface. The Manson Crater spans parts of four counties with a diameter of 24 miles.
The Des Moines Register says the rocky mess is creating big headaches for well-drilling crews searching for a spot where pumps can bring up enough water for the entire town.  Crews drilled on the edge of Manson in November, but had no luck. The Department of Natural Resources is suggested the city concentrate on the center of the crater, where earlier wells have produced water.    The city’s current wells were built in 1905 and 1921.