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Burn Bans lifted in Pottawattamie and Mills Counties


February 10th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Emergency Management Officials in Mills and Pottawattamie Counties have lifted their bans on open burning which were set in place a little more than a week ago. The Burn Ban in Mills County ended at 8-a.m. today (Friday). The Burn Ban in Pottawattamie County will no longer be in effect as of 6-p.m today (Friday).

Forecasted temperatures and precipitation chances have prompted Fire Chiefs tin both counties to lift the open burning ban that was issued on February 1st. Fire officials want to remind citizens to always have safety measures in place when burning, even when environmental conditions appear safe.

The lifting of the open burning ban does not apply within the corporate city limits of Council Bluffs and other communities within Pottawattamie County where city ordinances restrict open burning year-round. Please check with your local City Hall for more information regarding open burning within city limits.