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February 8th, 2012 by Jim Field

WANTED: a ½ pickup load of hardwood for an inside fireplace. Need it to be delivered this week.  Leave message on cell phone 712-249-4105.

FOR SALE: Firewood, split, ready to burn, hard wood. 243-5652.

WANTED:  A small older camper from the 1970’s that is about 12 feet.  Would use it for restoration.  712-304-4262.

FOR SALE: Two sets of tractor tires:  1)  16-9-26’s for $650.  2)  12-4-24’s (one is brand new, one is 50-60% there).  $500.  712-304-4262.

FOR SALE: Alpine heavy duty air cleaner.  It uses o-zone to clean the air and removes odors.  Retails for $799 but would take much less for it.  779-3760.

FOR SALE: Like new, oversized beige couch.  Its about 5 years old and the size of a twin bed.  Currently its too big for her residence.  $100-150.  779-3760.

FOR SALE: Mushroom canisters that range from big to small sizes.  $25.  779-3760.

WANTED: World War II German or Japanese bayonets and World War II binoculars (must have date).  Cal 243-4131.

WANTED: 2004-2006 Star Wars Model Imperial Ship in mint condition (must have date).  Cal 243-4131.