Horses let loose again, from Mills County Animal Rescue/Rehab Facility


December 21st, 2011 by Ric Hanson

For the second time in about three months, someone has released horses from an animal rescue facility near Glenwood. According to Omaha television station WOWT, someone opened the gates at the Hooves and Paws Rescue Shelter, letting loose the horses, endangering not only the animals’ lives, but those of motorists traveling on a nearby highway. All of the horses were returned to the corral, but Hooves and Paws owners Bill and Gina Stoops aren’t so sure they will stay put.

The couple got a frantic call Tuesday morning warning them that the horses were out, and dangerously close to the highway. Fortunately, the recovering horses couldn’t travel very far. Bill Stoops told the TV station all he had to do was shoo them into the corral and shut the gate. Three people also stopped by to lend a hand.

Stoops said the next time someone tries set the horses free, he will be ready for them. He says heavier chains and locks have already been added, and security cameras are being installed. The Mills County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident, along with the reported theft of at least two cameras stolen from their mounts on a nearby recreational trail.