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FBI arrests 11 suspects in Omaha area for meth & cocaine


December 22nd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Federal authorities in Omaha say they’ve broken up a substantial drug ring with the arrest of 11 suspects. FBI Special Agent Weysan Dun hopes the sting will bring a sizeable disruption to drug trafficking in the region. Agent Dun says, “These individuals are suspected of being significant sources of much of the methamphetamine that is being trafficked in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.” 

It’s not just meth. He accuses the 11 suspects of dealing cocaine as well. Dun says the FBI coordinated some 50 local, state and federal agents over the past day or so to make the arrests, mostly in the Omaha area. Dun says, “We believe these individuals were supplying drugs to, or were affiliated with, a number of gangs, including the Rebels, The 18th Street, and the Playboy Seranos.”  In addition to bringing in nearly a dozen suspects, Dun says officers also seized a untold quantity of drugs. “The high purity levels of the methamphetamine that we seized suggests that the drugs had not been cut,” Dun says. “They were likely coming directly to Omaha from a primary source of supply.” 

Warrants have been issued for four more suspects who were not caught in the initial round-up.

(Matt Kelly/Radio Iowa)