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Transportation woes continue from river flooding


August 29th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

TARKIO, Mo. (AP) – Lingering flood waters from the Missouri River have caused travel headaches in northwest Missouri for nearly three months and state officials say it’s too early to know when repairs might start. Missouri Transportation Department officials say the current flooding, in both duration and amount of water, is worse than the 1993 flood.

The Kansas City Star reports that in northwest Missouri, 65 miles of road remain submerged, including some of the few routes with bridges across the Missouri. And six miles of Interstate 29 just across the Missouri-Iowa border is still soaking under water, with another 14 miles submerged just north of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Beth Wright, of the transportation department, says the department is hoping to start addressing damaged roads between the middle to end of September to mid-October.