Results of Whole Grade Sharing feasibility study


August 13th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

A meeting was held Thursday in Villisca with regard to the results of a feasibility study for Whole Grade Sharing between the Villisca and Stanton, and Villisca and Corning Community Schools Districts. To summize, consultants headed by UNI Professor Dr. Bob Decker, concluded a WGS agreement between the Villisca and Corning Districts would be more beneficial to the student bodies both schools, because of the increased classroom opportunities.  An agreement betwee the Stanton and Villisca School Districts would act as a  “band-aid” approach,  that would leave certain issues to be addressed again, in less than six-years, even though Stanton offers more classes and a healthy financial standing.  There were also some logistical concerns with that arrangement, were it to become a reality, such as limited parking, if the combined high school were to be located in Villisca.

To read the results of the Stanton-Villisca study, click on this link:

To read the results of the Corning-Villisca study, click here: