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Pawlenty comes to Atlantic (updated 8:45-a.m.)


August 10th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Former Minnesota Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty will make a stop in Atlantic this afternoon. Pawlenty, who is on a statewide bus tour in advance of Saturday‘s straw poll in Ames, is expected to appear at the Family Table Restaurant, at 12:30-p.m. Pawlenty says the message he’ll convey at today’s town hall meeting is “The Country is in Trouble.”

He says Barack Obama has “had his chance and it’s not working. The Country needs a new direction and a new president.” Pawlenty says he brings to the table experience and results. He says he won’t just deliver speeches on getting the economy back on its feet, he’ll get things done.

Pro-life activists were joined by Pawlenty Tuesday, as they launched a bus tour promoting their conservative agenda. Outside the Iowa Capitol yesterday, Pawlenty touted his record in support of abortion restrictions while governor of Minnesota.

Speaking with KJAN News by phone this morning, Pawlenty said he has an “established record” on the issue, so there’s no need to wonder where he stands. He says he’s strongly pro-life and has advanced the pro-life cause in “historic ways” in Minnesota, proposing and putting into law, a woman’s right to know positive alternatives to abortion legislation, and more. He says the abortion rate in Minnesota is at an historic low, with some 30-to 40-percent decreases in abortion. Pawlenty says while he’s proud of his achievements on the issue, he says there’s still more to accomplish in establishing a “culture of life.”

Some early polls have Texas Governor Rick Perry — who will not be participating in the Iowa straw poll — gaining momentum as a presidential hopeful, even though he has not officially announced his candidacy. Those same early polls don’t list Pawlenty as a contender in the race. He says early polls are not a good predictor of the final outcome, and the Ames straw poll is a chance to show improvement in his standing, and momentum heading into the caucuses.

Pawlenty says President Obama’s poll numbers are way down, he can be beat and will be defeated. One of the key issues Pawlenty will address is how to get the economy moving again. He says his campaign is ready and able to accomplish the task. The details of his plan are on his website, at www.timpawlenty.com.

Other Republican presidential hopefuls who’ve made stops in Atlantic over the past week include former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman.