Shelby County Salvation Army news


May 23rd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Shelby County Chapter of the Salvation Army say the non-profit organization has been very busy this Spring with a variety of projects which have recently been completed or are currently in the works. Among the projects is a $350 donation to needy Shelby County residents for lice kits and diapers.

The organization has also provided $200 to assist a local non-profit group to help with their After School program, $300 to help re-stock a local non-profit organization that donated their existing stock to victims of the Mapleton tornado, and $200 for a “Fans for the Elderly” project, to purchase fans for those elderly individuals who are without air conditioning.

The Shelby County Chapter of the Salvation Army is funded by donations received from bell ringing volunteers in the Shelby County area and Shelby County Community Chest. Many volunteers give their time to the organization, while others assist in the distribution of goods and services.

Local businesses also help, by giving the organization the items it needs, at or below cost. Officials say their help is invaluable in helping those in need, in Shelby County, and the Salvation Army is grateful for the assistance.