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Local Rainfall Totals ending at 7:00 am on Monday, August 29

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August 29th, 2016 by Jim Field

  • KJAN, Atlantic  .01″
  • Massena  1.67″
  • Elk Horn  .26″
  • Villisca  1.2″
  • Red Oak  .11″
  • Clarinda  .05″
  • Shenandoah  .06″

Trump says ‘family farms are the backbone’ of US

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August 29th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says agriculture is a “vital component” of the U.S. economy and he’s promising to protect the ethanol production mandate and reign in federal farm regulations. “Family farms are the backbone of this country, remember that,” Trump said Saturday. “And I know what’s happening to you.” Trump used part of his speech at Senator Joni Ernst’s event this weekend to speak directly to farmers.

“We’re going to make America grow again. Grow — that begins with supporting our family farms right here in Iowa. Do we have any farmers in the room? Stand up! Beautiful,” Trump said, as the crowd erupted in applause and cheers. Trump is singling out the Waters of the U.S. rule, calling it “a disaster” that must be eliminated. “We are going to end the EPA intrusion into your family homes and your family farms for no reason,” Trump said. “What they’re doing to you is a disgrace and we’re going to get rid of a lot of those regulations that don’t mean anything except cost you a lot of money and a lot of the time and in many cases you lose your farms over the regulations.”

And Trump is accusing President Obama of “lying” about his support of the Renewable Fuels Standard. “You can trust Hillary Clinton far less,” Trump said. “…Hillary Clinton wants to shut down family farms just like she wants to shut down the miners and the steel workers…She will do this not only through radical regulation, but also by raising taxes on family farms.”

Clinton has proposed raising the federal estate tax and people would have to pay if they inherit from any married couple whose estate is worth more than seven million dollars. According to Bloomberg Politics, Clinton’s estate-tax proposals would affect four out of every thousand estates in the country. A Clinton spokesman also says a year ago Clinton offered “a comprehensive plan” to “build a more vibrant rural America” and “Donald Trump will only work to build an economy that works for people like himself.”

On August 26th of last year, Clinton called for “strengthening” the Renewable Fuels Standard and reducing federal regulations on community banks that serve farmers and rural customers. She also promised to “change the formula” for key federal farm programs so “family operations” get crop insurance subsidies, but “big businesses” don’t.

(Radio Iowa)

Conservation Report 08-27-2016

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August 27th, 2016 by Chris Parks

w/ Bob Beebensee and District DNR Supervisor Brian Smith


Insects and diseases threaten some Iowa soybean fields

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August 27th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Some common August threats are showing up in Iowa soybean fields. That’s according to agronomist Randy Kool, with Syngenta, in Adel, who says spraying for insects is coming to an end for most growers. “Usually R5.5 to R6 (development stage) is about the end of any application treatments for insects. We’ve had some spraying for soybean aphids and we’re starting to hear about the second generation of bean leaf beetles,” Kool said. Kool’s territory includes parts of western Iowa where excessive rainfall has disease pressure mounting.

“I would say (we’re starting to see pockets of) SDS in the western half of Iowa, but it’s not as prevalent as on the eastern side of the state.” Kool says variety selection and seed treatments are ways to manage Sudden Death Syndrome and other diseases moving forward. And late emerging weeds like water hemp are causing problems again. “That’s a little bit more of an issue this year since beans were a little slower to canopy. We’ve got good bean height now, but its been a challenge to take care of some of those weeds earlier,” Kool said.

Kool recommends cleaning harvest equipment before switching fields to limit the spread of weed seeds. The most recent report from the USDA placed 82-percent of Iowa’s soybean crop in good or excellent condition.

(Radio Iowa/Brownfield Ag News)

Iowa Utilities Board approves huge wind energy project

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August 26th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Utilities Board has approved a wind turbine operation it says will be the nation’s largest wind energy project. Des Moines-based MidAmerican Energy is behind the planned $3.6 billion wind turbine operation that will generate up to 2,000 megawatts of electricity. The utilities board says that’s enough to power 520,000 homes and that the project will see 85 percent of Iowa’s electricity needs met through wind energy by 2020.

Bill Fehrman, the utility’s CEO and president, announced the project in April. MidAmerican Energy said Friday in a news release that the location of the 1,000 turbines for the project is still being determined. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

CANCELLED-“Dutch Oven Cooking” Program

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August 26th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Conservation Board and Friends of Lake Anita said Friday, that “Due to unforeseen circumstances… the “Dutch Oven Cooking” Campground Program” has been cancelled for Saturday.  The free public program was to be held at the Primitive Campground at Lake Anita State Park in Anita, on August 27th at 11-a.m.

The CCCB thanks you for your understanding.

Farm crawl set for Saturday in the area

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August 26th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

A celebration of local foods and farms will take place in the KJAN listening area, Saturday. Organizers of a “Farm Crawl” say you’ll have a chance to meet three area farmers who are growing and selling local, seasonal produce, learn about what each grows and how they do it. Each of the farms will offer guided tours at 1-p.m., 2-p.m., 3- and 4-p.m., but you’re welcome to visit the farms anytime between 1-and 5-p.m., Saturday.

Produce and/or other goods may be available for you to purchase, and there’ll be displays, along with food-related activities. The farms are located on or within a mile of Highway 173, between Atlantic and Elk Horn. Look for signs along the highway, or find them on Facebook by searching for Local Food & Farms Celebration (www.facebook.com/events/1803307203239320/) Farm Crawl map

The Farms include:

  • The Harrisdale Farmstead (60182 Dallas Road), north of Atlantic
  • Rolling Acres Farms (59624 Chicago Road),  north of Atlantic
  • Brun Ko Farm (532 Highway 173), near Elk Horn.


For more information, call Emily Paulsen at 712-249-3187.

Local Rainfall Totals ending at 7:00 am on Thursday, August 25

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August 25th, 2016 by Jim Field

  • KJAN, Atlantic  .02″
  • Massena  .51″
  • Clarinda  .05″
  • Audubon  trace
  • Logan  trace
  • Glenwood  .03″
  • Shenandoah  .04″

Iowa dairy producers to benefit from USDA purchase of 11 million pounds of cheese

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August 25th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Dairy producers in Iowa and across the country are getting some help from the USDA. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says revenues for dairy producers have dropped 35 percent over the past two years and that’s led to a surplus of cheese which is at its highest level in 30 years. “So, in an effort to try to provide help and assistance and to complement the work that we’ve done with the Margin Protection Program, we’re announcing a purchase of about 11 million pounds of cheese that will be used for food banks and pantries to help families who are struggling financially with their food assistance and food help,” Vilsack said.

photo courtesy of traveliowa.com

photo courtesy of traveliowa.com

The purchase is valued at $20 million and should help the market “a bit,” according to Vilsack. The 11 million pound purchase is far less than the amounts recommended by the National Milk Producers Federation and the American Farm Bureau. “This is at the end of the fiscal year. We don’t have as much flexibility in the program, obviously, because we’ve already made commitments to purchase various other products throughout the year that are faced with a similar set of challenges and circumstances as our dairy producers are,” Vilsack explained.

In addition to the cheese purchase, Vilsack has extended the deadline for signup for the Margin Protection Program. Instead of having until September 30, dairy producers now have until December 16. Iowa ranks 7th in the country for cheese production. Wisconsin and California are by far the top two cheese producing states in the U.S.

(Radio IA/Brownfield Ag News)

Iowa board halts pipeline work on 15 landowners’ parcels

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August 24th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The Iowa Utilities Board has ordered a Texas company to refrain from building a pipeline on 15 landowners’ properties until Monday to give the board time to review legal issues involving a lawsuit. The board issued an order Wednesday requiring Dakota Access to provide detailed information about the progress of construction in Iowa and the cost the company will incur if it is required to work around the parcels.

The landowners’ lawsuit challenges the board’s authority to allow eminent domain for a privately owned pipeline project. That suit has not come before a court yet, and the board will hear arguments Thursday on the landowners’ motion to halt construction until that happens.  The $3.8 billion pipeline will pass through Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota and South Dakota, and has been met with weeks of protests in North Dakota.