Thunderstorm damage/incident reports (9/9/19)


September 9th, 2019 by Ric Hanson

5:46-p.m. – Emergency Management reports Power pole broken at White Pole Road and Adair Streets in Stuart due to thunderstorm winds.

4:54-p.m. – Thunderstorm wind gust estimated at 57 mph 4 miles N. of Nodaway, in Adams County (Coop Weather Observer)

4:41-p.m. – Thunderstorm wind damage 5-mile W/NW of Hepburn in Page County.  120th & O Avenue in Page County, between Stanton and Bethesda…wind damage to 2 large metal buildings and various tree damage. (Reported by Emergency Mgmt.) See pics below…

2 miles S/SE of Clarinda: Thunderstorm wind gust est. at 51 mph (Automated Weather Obs. System)

4-p.m. – 4-to 6 inch diameter tree limbs down in Menlo, via EMA.

Storm damage between Hepburn & Stanton. (Photos by Montgomery County EMA)