IQPA Annual Meeting March 4


February 27th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

A meeting set for March 4th near Lewis will bring together a group of about 80 farmers and landowners from across southwest Iowa, who are always looking for ways to improve the agricultural income of farmers, and members of the Wallace Foundation. Members of the IQPA Organization (Iowa Quality Producers Alliance) will hold their 14th annual meeting at the ISU Armstrong Research Farm, from 8:30-until 9:40-a.m.

The IQPA Meeting is being held before the Wallace Foundation’s 23rd Annual Meeting, since many of the IQPA members belong to both groups. The IQPA meeting will include election/reelection of Board Managers, whose terms are expiring, filling any vacancy on the Executive Committee, and IQPA financial report.

An update on the Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy Ethanol Plant (SIRE) will be given by IQPA Board member Ted Bauer. IQPA member, Veral Bailey of Anita, will present a 20 minute program entitled “Walking on the Moon comes to Southwest Iowa, Understanding TELEMETRY”. Bailey will review some of the current ways equipment monitoring data is used by farmers such as yield maps, grid sampling maps, and codes to indicate equipment repair problems.

New items now appearing on the horizon such as CLOUD, mega data analysis, predict crop yields, precision field and animal management are just a few items. Bailey will share his thoughts on how these Challenges and Opportunities can be of value to individual farmers if they understand these new developments in agriculture.

For more information, call Mrs. Billie Wilson, President of the IQPA Organization, at 712-789-0705, or Ag Consultant Ron Sanson at 712-303 – 8222.