Trading Post

October 7th, 2013 by Jim Field

FOR SALE: Set of four Goodyear assurance p205/70r15 car tires. Near new, very low miles. $250. Call 712-304-4557.

FREE:  Have 2 working microwaves. If you want 1 or both call and leave a message of what day you will pick them up and I will put them outside for pickup. 243-4350.

WANTED:  Jelly jars.  Call: 712-254-0217.

WANTED:  Someone to hem up some clothes.  Please call 243-3663.

FOR SALE:  7- 2ft.x4ft. fluorescent 3 bulb light fixtures.  Call 712-249-2905.

FOR SALE:  Framing nails 3 1/4″ 33 degree, 3″x.120, 2 3/8″ x.113. Roofing nails 1 1/4″ x .120, 1 1/4″ coil roofing nails. 1 1/4″ ring shank dry wall nails. Phone: 712-249-2905.

FOR SALE:  4 tickets to Nebraska-Iowa football game on Nov. 29. Buy all 4 for $ 56 each. 243-3636.  SOLD!

WANTED:  someone to scrape and/or power wash and prime the wood and stucco part of my house in Griswold.  Call Christy at 712-789-1289.

FOR SALE: 4 Rims/Wheels from a 1971 Rally Sport Camaro.  3 with center caps and nearly perfectly intact.  Asking $100 for all 4.  Call 402-490-2168.

WANTED: HAM Radio Equipment.  Call 402-490-2168.