Two Recent Mills County Accidents


September 26th, 2013 by Chris Parks

The Mills County Sheriff’s Office reports two recent accidents.

The first accident occurred on Friday, Sept. 19th at 12:39pm 4 miles southwest of Pacific Junction on Highway 34 at 180th Street. A 2004 STG Truck driven by Jess Dillingham of Lincoln, NE was traveling eastbound on Highway 34 and was slowing to make a left hand turn on to 180th Street when a 1999 Freight semi-trailer driven by Tom Steinbach of Villisca struck the trailer being pulled by Dillingham.  Steinbach’s vehicle then struck a bridge and guardrail.  Steinbach’s trailer was loaded to 50,000 lbs at the time of the accident.  No injuries were reported.

The second accident occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 25th at 9:29pm at the intersection of Highway 34 and 315th Street.  Matthew Leet of Silver City was driving his 1999 Ford north on 315th Street and stopped at the Highway 34 intersection.  Leet’s vehicle was then struck from behind as Bret Katelman of Omaha failed to stop his 2012 Nissan.  Katelman told officers he was attempting to answer a call on his bluetooth at the time of the accident.  No injuries were reported.