Sunnyside Tennis Courts in Atlantic open today (9/10/13)

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September 10th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic Parks and Recreation Department Director Roger Herring reports the Sunnyside Tennis Court reconstruction project is near completion, and the tennis courts will be open to public play (with some restrictions in place until signage is established), beginning today (Tues., Sept. 10th). Herring says until all the rules can be posted, there will be only one gate available for entrance to the courts. The southeast corner gate by the restrooms will be available to enter, which will still provide access to all courts.

Herring asks persons wanting to play at the facility to use common sense, as the courts have a special surface and is to be used for tennis only. Some of the rules include: The use of tennis shoes only; A one-hour time limit for singles play, 1.5-hours for doubles; The gates must be kept closed at all times; No bicycles, skates, skateboard, in-line skates, hockey, ultimate frisbie or other activities will be permitted.

In addition, no pets are allowed on the courts, sitting…pushing or pulling on the tennis nets, screens or gates is prohibited, as well as climbing on, hitting, or kicking balls, or running into the fences. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Roger Herring at 712-254-0637. And, if you observe any individuals misusing or abusing the facility, contact Herring with a description of those persons, their vehicles.

Herring adds that the restrooms at the Sunnyside Tennis Courts are open for public use.