PA man pleads guilty to robbing bank in Stuart


September 12th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

A man from Pennsylvania has entered pleas of guilty to three felony charges stemming from the robbery of a bank in Guthrie County. The Guthrie Center Times reports 29-year-old Wayne Eugene Palmer, Jr., of Carlisle, PA, admitted to his role in the May 20th robbery in Stuart, of the First State Bank. The man appeared in court on Monday.

Hannah Reisinger

Hannah Reisinger

Palmer’s accomplice, 20-year-old Hannah Reisinger, photographed in a distinctive green dress and red wig, made off with just over $3,000 in the robbery. She has also agreed to a plea bargain, but has not yet officially done so, in court. Palmer told the judge Monday he and Reisinger hadn’t decided where exactly to commit a robbery until reaching Stuart and driving around town. According to Palmer, they were en route to California to “get married”, but Guthrie County Attorney Mary Benton told the paper Palmer already was married, with a wife and children in Pennsylvania.

Palmer and Reisinger later were apprehended in Los Angeles, CA. In a plea deal with Benton, Palmer plead guilty to robbery in the second degree, going armed with intent, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was originally charged with robbery in the first degree, which carries a 25 year prison term. The second degree conviction carries a mandatory 10 year prison term, and the other two offenses carry five year sentences. All will be served consecutively for a total of 20 years. Palmer admitted the robbery was his idea.

Palmer, who was paroled from Pennsylvania prison in 2011 on two other robbery convictions, was still on parole when the Stuart robbery was committed. He had served 10 years on those prison sentences. Once Palmer’s sentence is completed in Iowa, Benton stated he will be transferred back to Pennsylvania to serve six years remaining on the previous convictions.