Unique bicycle meant for civic events stolen from Creston


July 2nd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

A unique, side-by-side bicycle “car” built by a Creston man, and destined to be sold at auction and used for community events, was stolen the day before the auction.

Bike stolen prior to auction.

Bike stolen prior to auction.

The bike was built by Wilbur Ricks of Creston, who died in December. On June 22 his family scheduled an auction to sell his estate. The bicycle car was included. One of the civic clubs in Creston had determined that they would bid on it to make it a “parade vehicle” for community events.

Sometime in the early-morning hours of June 22, someone decided they would prefer to acquire the bike by wheeling it away from the property, rather than seeing it sold at auction. The family would still like to see it go to the service club to be enjoyed by the community

If you see the vehicle, call the Union County Law Enforcement Center at 641-782-8402, or Rick’s son at 319-269-3475 to collect a reward upon its recovery.