Storm Report for Monday, July 22nd 2013


July 22nd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Hail events reported to and from the National Weather Service include:

9:04-p.m. Quarter-sized hail reported by spotters in Guthrie Center.

8:30-p.m. Quarter-sized hail and winds of 40-50mph near Bagley, in Guthrie County.

8:22-p.m. Nickel -to Quarter-size hail at Avoca in Pottawattamie Co.

8:12-p.m. Quarter-sized hail 3 miles NE of Shelby in Shelby County.

7:17-p.m. 1/2 dollar-sized hail 4 miles South of Missouri Valley in Pottawattamie Co.

7:10-p.m. Quarter-to half-dollar sized hail 1 mile S. of Missouri Valley in Harrison Co.