Audubon City Council approves reissuance of loan notes


July 23rd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Audubon City Council has passed a resolution authorizing an amendment to a loan and disbursement agreement between the City and the Iowa Finance Authority. City Clerk Lora Hansen told KJAN News the agreement allows the City to reissue more than 2-million dollars in Sewer Revenue Capital Loan Notes (Series 2002), and take advantage of a lower interest rate from the IFA.

The Council also heard from Peggy Toft, with the Exira Community Club, with regard to a proposal for a Community Development Plan that would incorporate all the communities in Audubon County. The idea is for the County and its communities to contribute financially to the plan. No action was taken on the proposal during Monday evening’s meeting.

The Council did however, approve requests from the Audubon Chamber of Commerce pertaining to the T-Bone Celebration that takes place during the first Saturday in August. The request included moving picnic tables from the various city parks to the main City Park, approval of the parade route and related street closings, and the use of folding tables, sandbags and trash cans, as needed.

In other business, Tyler Thygesen provided the Council with a report on the flushing of the City’s water mains, and fire hydrants that are in need of repair or replacement.