Atlantic School Board approves sound system replacement & discusses elections


July 23rd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic Community School District’s Board of Education held a work session Monday evening at the High School. Superintendent Mike Amstein told KJAN News the Board approved the replacement of a sound system in the Atlantic High School Auditorium, but tabled until their August 14th meeting, the replacement of lighting for the auditorium, while more information is gathered.

In other business, the Board approved various resignations and contracts. The resignations included a teacher at the Middle School, and High School Guidance Counselor Heather McCue, who has served for about 5-years. Amstein says McCue will be replaced by Jennifer Thurston, who has a degree and experience in counseling, as well as in the areas of intervention for persons with addictions, and At-Risk children.

Amstein said the Board also heard from Larry Sigel, with Iowa School Finance Information Services (ISFIS). He says Sigel primarily went over with the Board a handout they received last month with regard to school board elections and school bond elections. The bond election is slated for February 4th, 2014, and is with regard to an expansion of the district’s facilities, as part of its Capital Improvements Plan.

The plan involves added space at the Washington School, and the possibility of a cafeteria, so the gymnasium could be used full-time, instead of having to be closed during the lunch period. He says that’s especially important with the increase in the number of students the building has to handle. Another aspect of the Capital Projects Plan, is the addition of 11 classrooms onto the Schuler building, and moving third grade students to the Schuler building. Amstein says Principal Stacey Hornung is set to experience a big influx of students this fall. 

She’s looking at 550 kids in her building for the 2013-2014 school year. Two preschool classes were moved from the Washington School last year to the old Lincoln building to try and accomodate students. An expansion of the Schuler building Amstein says, would provide relief to the classrooms and allow for more instructional space. That would also make the Schuler building a 3rd through 5th grade facility. The plan would also allow for a commons area at the Middle School and a cafeteria, so those students don’t have to eat lunch in the Schuler gym. There are also tentative plans for the addition of classrooms at the High School.

Amstein says they will consult with the faculty and staff this fall and show them the conceptual plans, as well as gather input on what changes they think should be made, before any final plans are presented to the public.