Preliminary Storm Report for Friday night Storms (6/14/13)


June 14th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

11:01-p.m.: 60-mph thunderstorm wind gust 4-miles south of Macksburg in Madison County.

10:45-p.m.: Thunderstorm wind damage n/nw of Stuart. Several 6-to 8-inch diameter tree limbs down.

10:30-p.m.: 5.2-inches of rain reported 1 mile w/nw of Coon Rapids (via social media), in Carroll County.

10:12-p.m.: Flash Flooding in Bayard. Emergency Management reported 6-to 8-inches of water over several streets in the Guthrie County town, along with water over the underpass of Highway 25 in Bayard.

9:58-p.m.: Flash Flooding 2-miles east of Coon Rapids in Carroll County reported by law enforcement. Water over A Avenue along the Carroll/Guthrie County line, and portions of Timber Avenue.

9:49-p.m.: 3/4-inch diameter hail N/NE of Panora in Guthrie County.

9:40-p.m.: 50-mph+ winds blew a garage roof off in the Carroll County community of Halbur, and 2-to 6″ diameter tree limbs down.

9:35-p.m.: Thunderstorm winds gustiung up to 67-mph at the Carroll Airport.

9:21-p.m. 58-mph wind gust recorded 2 miles w/nw of Carroll.

9:10-p.m.: 1-inch diameter hail reported N/NW of Stuart in Guthrie County; 60-mph wind gust 2-miles northwest of Little Sioux in Harrison County.                     

9:07-p.m.: Thunderstorm winds up to 59mph near Crescent, in Pottawattamie County.

9:00-p.m.: Marbled-sized hail near Ralston, in Carroll County.

8:33-p.m.: Quarter-sized hail 4-miles west of Bayard in Guthrie County.

8:24-p.m.: Quarter-sized hail 2-miles west of Coon Rapids in Carroll County.

4:15-p.m. Quarter-sized hail 4-miles W/NW of the Carroll Airport.

(Source: Law Enforcement/Trained Spotters via National Weather Service)