Recycling in Cass County Parks

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May 18th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Environmental Control Agency, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the Cass County Conservation Board have announced the purchase of new Recycling Trailers. In an effort to expand the recycling programs in Cass County, the Cass County Landfill and recycling center received grant funds from the Iowa DNR to purchase 2 recycle trailers to collect recyclable materials at Cass County parks. The purchase of these trailers was made possible through funding from Iowa EMS funds and the Cass County Landfill.

Cass County Landfill is a Tier II EMS participant and continues to expand environmental programs in the county. One trailer was placed at the Lake Anita State Park Campground and one trailer at Cold Springs Park Campground. Officials say they anticipate being able to expand this effort to other campgrounds in Cass County.

To kick off the new program in Cold Springs Park, Lora Kanning, Cass County Conservation Interpretive Naturalist will have a public program on Recycling in Cass County Parks on Saturday May 25th 7 PM at Cold Springs Park – Campground shelter. The public is invited to learn about recycling in Cass County and a new program about recycling in the Campground at Cold Springs Park. The program is free and all ages are welcome. You don’t have to be camping at the park to attend.