Cass Supervisors approve abatement for Lewis property


May 15th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors today (Wednesday) approved the abatement of taxes for a property owned by the City of Lewis, which Auditor Dale Sunderman said was procured in February, and for which taxes were owed. Sunderman said the structure was burned out and the City acquired it through the legal process, but doesn’t want to take care of it. He said when the City receives taxes that are due, they have a choice of whether or not to pay the taxes immediately, or not paying them. If the City chooses not to pay, according to Code, the Board of Supervisors “Shall abate the taxes.”

The taxes on the property were $1,130, but interest and costs through May amount to $1,219, which is the amount the Board voted unanimously to abate for a period of one-year. Sunderman said the City hopes to have a buyer for the property.

The Board also passed a resolution to add a locally funded bridge deck replacement project to the FY 2013 road construction program. The project was not originally in the current program. Engineer Charles Marker explained that his budget does not need to be amended because they are currently “under-run,” and, the County is currently under for the DOT’s budget. 

Marker said because the deck on Jackson Road, leading to the landfill, was badly deteriorated, the bridge was repaired and the deck surface replaced. In order to comply with DOT requirements, the project was moved up from the FY 2014 budget to the current fiscal year. Marker says there area also three local projects in the County’s construction program which the Secondary Roads Dept. will handle, but because they are working on culverts and not able to get to the other projects in the current fiscal year, they are currently under budget.

And, the Supervisors Wednesday voted four-to-one to appoint Atlantic resident Roger Carter to fill a vacancy position on the County Zoning Board of Adjustment. The position was left open by the resignation in March, of former Board member Forrest Teig. Carter, who will fill the remained of Teig’s term through Dec. 21st, 2015, was one of two applicants for the voluntary post. He spoke before the Board Wednesday, about his interest in the job, his civic involvement, and desire to become more involved in local government.

Carter, who has lived in Atlantic since 1984, is a former rehab counselor for Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services. He retired from that position in June, 2010.