Cass County Supervisors approve bargaining agreement & abatements


May 31st, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors have approved an agreement with the bargaining unit representing the County’s Secondary Roads Department. The action, which came during the Board’s meeting today (Friday) inAtlantic, essentially cleans-up the language in the agreement, and doesn’t make any monetary or policy changes. 

The Board also approved the abatement of taxes on a nuisance property belonging to the City of Anita since November, 2012. Auditor Dale Sunderman said the taxes amounted to $230. The Supervisors also approved the assignment of a County held tax sale certificate of purchase, to the City of Cumberland. Sunderman said in July 2012, the City acquired possession of the west half of Lot1 in block 14. The City decided it also wished to acquire an adjacent property that belonged to the same owner, inLot2 of block 14. Sunderman says the property had acquired last year had a total $108 in taxes due. The newest property has 3.5-years worth of taxes due, or $644.

Cass County Treasurer Tracey Marshall said the County is better-off giving the certificate and property to the City in exchange for the taxes being paid and the County abating $300 worth of those taxes. Part of the agreement stipulates the City of Cumberlandwill proceed to get both properties in the City’s name because they have been up for sale long enough, that they can immediately apply to have a tax sale on those properties. Once the City applies, it takes 90-days for the process to run its course.

The Board Friday also approved a 6-month agreement with Solution, LLC. for licensed County software code support and information technology services. The agreement will cost the County an additional $50 per month.  In other business, Supervisor Gaylord Schelling, members of the County Public Safety Committee and representatives with the City of Atlantic will take a tour next week of the former Sitel building at 1206 southwest 7th Street. The tour is part of a fact-finding mission pertaining to the possible relocation of the County’s Communications Center to a building outside of the courthouse. No action will taken during the tour on approving the site. The tour begins at 9-a.m. Thursday, June 6th, and will likely include other members of the Board of Supervisors, as well.