Another mobile classroom likely to be installed for an Atlantic School


May 14th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic School Board is expected to approve at a later meeting, the addition of another mobile classroom for the Washington Elementary School, to handle the district’s expanding enrollment. Superintendent Dr. Michael Amstein told the School Board Monday night that he is looking into placing Special Education and other classes not requiring water and sewer hookups” into the temporary structure as a way of dealing with the space needs for those classes that typically run less than 30-minutes.

Amstein said the question boils down to where the double-wide mobile classroom should be placed. The only logical site he says, is in front of the building, near where the other mobile classroom is located, because they don’t want to impede on playground space. The set up cost is around $20,000 and a $10,000 lease per year.

Amstein said there may be a need for additional mobile classrooms in the future for another of the district’s schools. He said they might be looking at one “down the road for Schuler, also.” That prompted Board member Phil Hascall to quip tongue-in-cheek, “I can hardly wait.”

Hascall joked earlier that they could “Start a trailer park out there. Tie it down, so it doesn’t blow away.” Principal Stacey Hornung said there haven’t been too many issues with the current mobile classroom, other than it was installed later than expected, and it’s “Pretty ugly,” but it “Serves its purpose,” and will serve well for another year.