Mills County to institute a Burn Ban on Monday

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April 6th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Emergency Management officials in Mills County report a countywide ban on open burning will go into effect on Monday, April 8th, beginning at 4-p.m.  According Mills County Emergency Management Director Larry Hurst, the ban will prohibit open burning in all cities within Mills County until further notice, under Chapter 100 of the Iowa Code.

The decision to institute a Burn Ban on Monday came after Emergency Management officials polled the local fire department Chiefs in the county. The chiefs agreed to the plan, which was submitted to and approved by, the State Fire Marshall’s Office in Des Moines. Under a Burn Ban, residents of Mills County must discontinue the burning of yard waste, piled tree debris or other items. Small recreational camp fires will be permitted, but only if they are built in a fire place of brick, metal or heavy one inch wire mesh.

An application from your local Fire District Chief can be obtained and submitted to allow a permit for open burning if your local fire official believes it’s safe to do so. After approval of permit, several county entities are informed to lessen the danger of false alarms. Violation of a burn ban is punishable by a simple citation, or, an arrest for reckless use of fire or disobeying a burn ban.

For more information on burn bans and the law contact the State Fire Marshall’s Office at 515 725-6145