Atlantic City Council to vote on Bond resolutions & budget amendment hearing date


April 30th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council will act on a couple of resolutions pertaining to the purchase of bonds when they meet Wednesday evening, at City Hall. The bonds amount to nearly $9.8-million dollars, and are designed to help pay for the City’s 2013 Capital Improvement Plan projects, and save money by reducing the amount the City pays in interest.

The Capital Improvement Projects include: Street and storm sewer work; the acquisition of traffic control devices, along with equipment for the Police and Street Departments; Improvements to City Hall, the Municipal salt shed and Senior Center, and, making a grant to Iowa Western Community College for building improvements.

In other business, the Atlantic City Council will hear a report from Councilmen Shaun Shouse and Steve Livengood, representing the Cass County Public Safety Committee. Their report is with regard to the County’s exploration of housing for a new communications center. As we reported last week following the Board of Supervisor’s meeting, the County would like to know if the City would be interested in considering options for moving any or all of the City’s offices to a joint-use facility, assuming a suitable lot or building could be found.

The Council will also hear a report from John Lund, Assistant to City Administrator Doug Harris, with regard to enforcement of the Minimum Maintenance Code. And, they’re expected to act on the setting of May 15th as the date for a Public Hearing on any necessary adjustments and/or amendments to the City’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget, as well as a request from the Jaycees, for permission to hold the annual Fireworks display on July 4th, at the Airport. The event is expected to cost $6,000, with the City paying the cost upfront. The Jaycees would reimburse the City for the expense, after July 4th.

The City Council meeting begins at 5:30-p.m., Wednesday, and is normally televised live on Channel 18, in Atlantic.