No plans for dinner tonight? How ’bout pancakes!


March 21st, 2013 by Ric Hanson

If you don’t already have plans for dinner this (Thursday) evening, consider attending the Cass County 4-H Endowment committee’s annual 4-H Endowment Pancake Supper. The supper takes place from 5- to 7-pm at the Cass County Community Center in Atlantic. Chris Cakes will be dishing up fresh pancakes, 4-H members serve juice, coffee and more.  Supporters can enjoy all you can eat pancakes for $6. Proceeds from the 4-H Pancake Supper directly benefit Cass County.

The money raised goes to the Cass County 4-H Endowment, a fund to defray the 4-H Program Development Fee, support scholarships to send Cass County 4-H’ers to camps and conferences, start up dollars for programs like Clover Kids.

The Program Development Fee is 30 dollars, and that goes to the support the overall state program.  The Cass County Extension Council chose not to pass that expense on to the individual 4-H’er and families, although many counties have.  Instead, the Cass County Extension Council and the 4-H Endowment Committee pick up this expense.

Susan M. Oliver, county youth coordinator, says “Eventually, the goal is to have the Endowment pay for the fee entirely,but they cannot do that without a great deal of support from the community.  That is why we continue this annual pancake supper.”

There is also a silent auction during the supper.  Each of the 15 clubs in Cass County plan to donate an item, as well as some additional friends of 4-H.   For more information on the Pancake Supper, Endowment or 4-H contact Susan M. Oliver, Cass County Youth Coordinator, at 243-1132 or