Nishna Valley YMCA Director reports to Atlantic City Council


March 7th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Director of the Nishna Valley YMCA in Atlantic gave his annual report to the City Council Wednesday night. Dan Haynes spoke before city leaders at the Senior Center, while renovations continue at City Hall. He said the YMCA staff are keeping busy and they’re still pleased with things that are going on there, in the areas of programming, membership, and facility usage. As far as usage, the numbers show the Atlantic YMCA had the lowest number of visits last year (140,257) since 2004, when there were 122,511. The number of visits peaked in 2008 at 158,465.

Haynes says there were 1,973 membership units in 2012, which was down from 2,090 due to software conversion and cleanup issues, and drop-off’s by clients holding Humana Insurance. The  Y served 253 households on various types of scholarships in 2012. 505 people were served with direct scholarships, while hundreds more kids served by other, subsidized programs. The bulk of the Y’s members in 2012 were women (2,435), but the men weren’t far behind, at 2,331 members. The facility is most popular among persons ages 30-to 54, followed by the 12-to 17 age group and those 65 and up.

The facilities’ Fiscal Year 2013 budget is just under $1.36-million, including revenue from the Ann Wickman Childhood Development Center, the budget is $1.83-million. A standard annual audit report will be released later this Spring. Haynes said volunteers raised $95,000 for scholarships and subsidies for programming, from community members and businesses. The fundraising campaign for this year, according to Haynes, has just gotten underway.

As far as programming is concerned, Haynes said more than 100 second graders went through the Y’s free water safety course over the past year, the Jack and Jill preschool program is still “going strong,“ and that the Nishna Valley YMCA’s “Flying Sharks” Division 2 swim team won the State Championship among Iowa YMCA’s. last weekend, in Marshalltown. The team will be involved in regional competition this weekend, in the Minneapolis area.

Haynes said also, more than 120 children were registered at the Ann Wickman Center, and new this past year, is a collaboration with the Atlantic Public Library, Cass County Extension, and school system to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and literacy after school programs. The Y has 14 volunteer board members, led by President Christina Bateman, seven full-time and 123 part-time staff members, along with City Council representative Ashley Hayes.