Boil Advisory issued for Stuart


February 21st, 2013 by Ric Hanson

(Update 8:40-a.m….)

Officials with the Adair-Guthrie County Emergency Management Agency say a BOIL ADVISORY is in effect for the City of Stuart until further notice. Emergency Management Director Bob Kempf says the advisory was issued after a 10-inch water main ruptured below east Front Street in Stuart, between Sherman and Harlan Streets.

Stuart Utilities was able to repair the main, but Kempf says because contaminants may have worked their way into the water supply during the break, residents and persons who get their water from the City of Stuart are urged to boil all water before consumption. You should let it boil for one-minute before letting it cool, or use bottled water, until further notice.

In addition, some areas of the community may not have water, due to the pressure loss. If you have any questions, please call Bob Kempf at 515-523-2915.